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Pasar Malams Are EVIL!


Which, I did.

I dunno why pasar malams are so increasingly common these days. There’s 1 like every 2 weeks at the same places. Well, I wanted to buy dinner after school so I decided that I finally get meself some pasar malam goodies since I rarely eat them.

So I bought them, took pictures of them and wanted to blog yesterday but I was too tired to do so.

And today, I stupidly deleted the pictures because I thought I uploaded them on photobucket already, which I did not, obviously. =.=” It’s ok, I found some pictures on flickr that’s close to what I took. These are what I bought!

1. Goreng Pisang

YUMMY. I loveeee goreng pisang and that’s no surprise, eh? Banana fried in some flour concoction. Sweet.

2. Takoyaki

This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know hat the main thing is.. is it flour? lol. Just awesome with bbq sauce (or issit teriyaki sauce?) and mayonnaise! Don’t forget the benito! Raaawr.. *drool*

3. Chicken Wing

Chicken wings are heavenly!! I bought the one with sambal and it’s sweet and spicy and not the mention, the chicken was a little bloody, just the way I like it. Yummeeh!

4. Vadai

Ate this with the green chilli provided. I bit into the seed and the spiciness exploded in my mouth. Ouch. I bought 1 piece only since I’m not quite fond of this. Still yummy lah, since I was hungry.

There you go.. The food I bought. Total damage: $5. Buying more takoyaki’s tmr! Yay

Oh. I bought 2 watches too because I don’t like whipping out my phone to check the time anymore. Super cute watches that’s big enough for my rather big wrist (I’m big boned :() @$14! $2 discount haha.

Aren’t they cute! I love the flower in the round one and I love the biscuit shape of the green one. Haha!

Total damage thanks to pasar malam: $19 @_@