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Steamboat Session!

Went to eat steamboat at Shaw Towers with some of my classmates on Wednesday.. full of fun and ultimate yums! Met Jay, Greg, Wilson, Eugene and Serene at Bugis MRT.. then off we walked to the restaurant to meet Jerald. Hahaha walao eh all their names angmoh names.. only solo me malay name. Lol.

I forgot what the restaurant is called.. but’s cheap! Cheaper than Seoul Garden but no bbq thingy. $17.50 NETT steamboat buffet! Thinking of it makes me droooool now..:D~~

Got seated then start to order liao.

The menu. Lots of food yum yum.

Soup base! Half chicken half spicy~~

Wilson and Greg choosing the food! Haha I almost wanted to wear my red elmo shirt but got funny smell so in the end I didn’t.

The egg, chicken chunk, chicken and tofu skin. Also some vegetables and mushroom. Omg.

The beef strips!! OMG I love this thing. I love eating dead cows. Best food of the day! I wanted to eat it raw but scared got melamine. HAHAhA overused joke of the day.

Hand made meatballs! So delicious.

Bacon strips~~ and more meatballs at the back. Different flavour.

Meeeeatbbaalll ❤ ❤

Eugene, Serene and Jerald, lol. Sometimes I wonder how Jerald can tahan his hair sticking on his face.

Wilson and Greg again. And the waitress.

Oh I forgot the prawns.

Unsuspecting Serene, Jerald and Jay. LOL at Jerald’s face, so comical!

Poor prawn. lol. The waitress passed by and used the ladle to push it back into the soup, hahaha.

Yea so that’s the steamboat session! So yummmos and everyone’s full. Wanted to go drinking after that but after this and that, Jay went home, Eugene went to meet his friends, Jerald cabbed home. The rest of us wanted to go Clarke Quay but we couldn’t get a fugging cab. In the end Greg, Wilson and Serene went and I MRT-ed home. Damn fun hor you 3, drink till 4am!

😀 More outings soon please~