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Can You Keep A Secret?

Was going home after work when I saw a book fair at vivo! 20-50% off for the books so after contemplating between Dan Brown’s books.. I bought a Sophie Kinsella book. LOL I KNOW, totally 2 different genre lor.


So anyway, the book is called Can You Keep A Secret? thus, my entry title. The book looks interesting. Ever since I read Remember Me? also by the same author, I’ve been wanting to read more of her books 😀

Uh yea thats all! 😀

Edit @ 1:20am

I suddenly remembered that I wanted to do a shopping list for stuff.

  • Backpack. I saw a nike one but it’s sold already! So sad.
  • Laptop case
  • Prolly a new pair of sneakers. Maybe kappa or everlast? Or old skool converse?
  • Cat food
  • Trim + color my hair. I don’t know what colour though. Blue highlights will fade to green (eek!!) and red highlights abit common. Maybe I should just do my whole hair pinky red like last time. HAHAHA power sia. Missed that colour!

I can’t remember what else already. Only these are priority o.O


Things I want To Do

Before school starts.

  1. Get a new bag
  2. Get slippers & pretty electric blue pumps from Cotton On.
  3. Get my hair highlighted. Blue? Red?
  4. Get contact lenses. Wanna try try.
  5. Get more shorts.

What I’ve already done.

  1. Get a pair of jeans. Bought one at baleno just now, $49 but got 60% discount! woot.
  2. Threadless Shirts for school. 6 of them, baby!
  3. Get a new job. Ironically it’s at the same place but different company.
  4. Finishing my CE points.

Woohoo. Shopping.

By next month, I want to:

  1. Get a nice curtain from Ikea
  2. Get a nice carpet at Ikea. Saw a pretty one, $19 only!
  3. Get glow in the dark stars to paste in my spanking new ‘hideout’
  4. Get awesome matching bedsheets :D!

I smell money flying.