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oh em gee, i ate mcdee

Like twice already! One on tuesday and one today. It’s gooood but unhealthy! Even though I only eat once during break 1 which is like at 10.45am, I don’t eat again until 5pm lor so I suppose it’s alright. LOL.

On both days also lepak-ed for a few hours at mcd with Jerald, Joen, Serene and today, Jac (the ah lian :p :o). Haha bitched about so many people and about this classmate who open leg for her boyfriend so she can get branded goods and be totally pampered. Tsk tsk.

School was horrendous today. All these law terms.. 1 day cannot digest lah wtf. And this is just contract law. I can’t imagine if I took a law degree man. I’d be dead by now. >_>” The RJ question today also like omg. Need to do re-reading before I tackle it.

On a happier note, my bursary is endorsed by the school! Now I need to send it to the CC. Hope I get the bursary! It’ll be such a life saver considering that I don’t work already and I have no more moolah.


AAAND OH YEA, we were discussing about having a BBQ at Jerald’s place! Cannot waaait! 😀 I so wanna see his house.

Alright off to do my RJ and touch up on my report. Tata.



Greg wore the same shirt as me today. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.

It was so embarassing initially cos people might think we’re couples. HAHAHA.

Eventually it was alright, LOL. -_-

dsc00018This was the tee. Hahaha ladybug. BEETLEGIRL! 😀

Virtual Diarrhoea: Of school, changes and expenses

Short Talk: You know you spend too much time on the computer when this happens to you.

Cashier: Hi, may I have your order?
Me: Uhm.. student meal please, McChicken.
Cashier: Would you like to upsize it?
Me: Ok, upgrade it.
Me: …
Me: Uh oops hahaha I mean upsize!

Oh boy, today was the first day of school after a 2 weeks break. Things didn’t start pretty well. I overslept and I had to spend $20 on cab fare to school. I forgot to wear my belt so I looked like a pregnant woman in maternity clothes. Go figure, lol.

Class was… oddly easy today. I understood what was going on for the first time after 8 (!!) weeks and I did my part for my ppt slide, something I never did before, for this module. Mmhmm.


Wait.. what? Jurlique in girly clothes? That’s rare.

I usually don’t wear girly clothes because… I just don’t. I don’t feel comfortable in it and I’ve always worn shorts, berms, jeans (only black, mind you), T-shirts and Polo Tees my entire life. Like a guy, yes.. but that was what I am comfortable in. I seldom, almost never wore make up before because I find it a fuss to put it on then wash it away at the end of the day. Tsk, sometimes I feel like I’m a guy stuck in a girl’s body but NOPE, I’m perfectly 100% girl, with boyish habits. Haha. So why the sudden change?

I was told to wear some light make up to work so I did, for the first time and I found out that I looked nicer… but I am still very much lazy to put on make up. :p One day, one day, I won’t be. And also, I’m trying to wear girly stuff more often because, which male likes a boyish girl, you tell me?

So I’m slowly saying goodbye to my band tees, polo shirts and stuff that makes me look boyish…NOT! I still love these casual wear and I’m still wearing them to school. 😀 Cos I don’t really bother about how I dress in school, as long I look presentable, it’s all good.

Right, and now to expenses.

I seriously have to control control CONTROL my expenditure. I spend way too much on nonsensical and unnecessary stuff. I have this urge to spend and I have no idea why. I’m gonna stash my next pay check and cut away my atm card HAHAHA.

Jeez, look at what I bought yesterday after work.

JEPUN ICE CREAMS!!! At Isetan Supermarket. They are like about $6 each and really yummy, unique stuff that isn’t normally sold in SG. I bought this vanilla on the outside and ice kacang ice on the inside, with milk and strawberry, thick chocolate ice cream and soda ice cream. Yummy. Oh, and I also ate 1 on my way home, vanilla-lychee-strawberry flavour. Oh teh awesumness.

I bought 1 pkt of Japanese curry too since I love it. Simple to cook yet DELISH. Pity I lost my recipe/review.

Okay. I’m out. Tests to study for. 😦

Currently hooked to another jepun product: Wan wan milk beverage, lol. Tastes like your condensed milk with truckloads of sugar. Ah, bliss.

Minahs Are Good At Graphs

I was stoning at work as usual when I suddenly recalled this conversation with Greg while in class. You see, my modules are all maths and on that particular day, we were doing something on graphs and we were conversing about Minahs. As we all know, minahs usually have really high arched eyebrows so..

Me: Eh Greg, I think ah, Minahs are good at maths. You know why?

Greg: Why?

Me: Just look at their eyebrows, perfect curve and all. I bet they used x and y axis before drawing it so perfectly!!

Greg: Ya! Then they also use the curve ruler on their eyebrows.

Me: Hahahahaha.

Okay that was a very random joke. xD

2 days till school reopens 😦