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My Trip to 987fm Studio – Don & Drew’s Final Show!

I was so reluctant to wake up so damned early in the morning to meet Intan at Eunos (while I live in Jurong West). Been going out everyday for the whole week and all I need is SLEEP! Pulled myself up and got ready anyway and I didn’t regret at all!

Bus-ed to Caldecott/Mediacorp place.. 1 hour early. So we went to get some breakfast, albeit a miserable one. 😛

Kimchi noodles for Intan and Cheapo Chilli Crab noodles for me.

We ate.. under the hot sun. I think I’m like darker now. Lol.

Finally after eating, walked back to the reception. Saw a malay actor on our way, the one who acts as ‘Cik Leh’ on one of the malay shows on Suria.

Rotted and more people came. Waited and waited and finally got ourselves registered thanks to Don! Yes, Don Richmond ❤ ❤ ❤ *sighs*

My visitor pass, hehehe.

Walked to the radio building with Drew as our tour guide. Haha lots of laughters along the way..

938 Live’s studio. Pardon the blurry picture.

Woo. Shuffling ourselves into the lift and up we go to the 6th story! Everyone’s waiting to get in~~

There’s like 15 of us okay. Imagine how crowded the place was. I can’t quite remember their names.. there’s Ruk, Ananda, Faisal, Jeremy…

A hell lot of fun. Screamed, shouted, ate, talked on the microphone, took pictures. Even got a chance to talk to a caller on the phone! HAHAHA.. Ate CAKE! Even Mark Bonafide is there! He’s a local artiste! HAHAHA..

Went to dinner at Bedok Corner. Food was yummy lah but I prefer my stingray fried with proper sambal!

I’m lazy to blog. I’m just gonna post pictures and eave the imagination up to you.

I’m so high and today was an awesome day. DON DON DON DON AND DREW AND DREW AND DREW.


More pics here!!!