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Mass Order: Audio Technica Headphones

Hey everyone.

I’m going to do a Mass Order for the Audio Technica ONTO Headphones which comes in different colours. It’s just like the one I bought recently (refer to here).

Audio Technica is a very popular and well known brand for producing good quality headphones and earpieces. Wacky & colourful, they are guaranteed to get people’s attention!

They are sold at $35++ at courts/other shops, I’m selling them at $32 only!!


Colours available:

Red, Yellow-Orange, Beige, Turqoise, Lime Green, Brown, White , Black. NEW COLOR –PINK available!!!

(White is the Best Seller, OOS very fast so must order fast!)

$33 each

Buy 2 at $32 each!

LIME GREEN AND PINK ARE LIMITED ED COLOURS. So they are priced differently.

$38/pc. (Outside $40++)



Full Turqoise, Full Purple, Black with red wire (no picture)

$40/per piece

Glossy Gold and Silver edition (use ur imagination)

$55/per piece

Glossy Gold/Silver is very rare. Newly released!

If you are interested, leave a comment with your name, contact number, colour(s) preferred and quantity. All sets come with 1 year warranty.

Payment is by POSB Bank transfers only! Collection wise, it’s either Mass collection/meet up( +$5) or postage which you’ll have to pay. :)(depends on weight)

SMS 98784907 for faster replies! I’ve sold so many already so I’m totally trustable😀

Sexy Red Audio Technica Onto

I got meself a spankin’ new headphone yesterday and it’s red! Hot sexy red. I was reluctant to buy it at first at Courts cos it’s $35 there. Guess it was fate when I went to browse a neighborhood electronic shop and saw the same headphones at $29🙂 Awesome. Getting a yellow one for Greg tmr.

Isn’t my new headphone just swell.

Pretty. Sound quality wise it’s crystal clear. I like. Not much of an audiophile so as long can hear I’m happy already la.

Kua kua.

So poser but so nice. Psychedelic Headbands ftw.


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