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Trip To The Vet

Teager, my cat, had diarrhoea + blood so I brought him to Vet Practice today, at Bukit Timah. Poor cat, he was so scared he actually perspired and shivered, lol.

The doctor, Dr. Felicia Lu, gave him 2 injections and 1 deworming pill. I was surprised he didn’t jump and run away or something, lol. In the end, he got 3 types of pills. Probiotics, antibiotics and poo firming pills.


The vet fees are pretty reasonable actually. Was expecting like so much more because of the 2 injections. Their charges for vaccine and sterilization was reasonable too. ‘Spose I’d be heading back there next month or something to get him vaccinated and sterilized. 😀


Can you spot them?


noms and meows


Had dinner at Parkmall’s Sakae Sushi with Intan on Wednesday. I thought the price is gonna be like $23+ but it turned out to be only $18 because there’s student buffet dinner price! Yay! Moar sakae dinner next time 🙂


Sushi.. comfort food 😀 Unagi Chawanmushi is gooooooood. We stayed like since the start of the buffet till the end. Slurp.

Oh and finally, my moo cards arrived! They’re so pretty and FREE! My replacement earpiece has yet to arrive though 😦

mooRainbow themed cards, oh yeah.

Aaaand some random pictures of my cat!

teagerSo kyooooot! ❤