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Seoul Garden’s Camwhorers

I cannot think of a good title. Lol.


Went to Seoul Garden last Tuesday to take advantage of the ladies nite offer. 50% off! Quite worth it.

Litez gang was there – Aysh, Intan, Ryan, ShiPei, Ummar, Danny, Johan and me! It’s been a while since I met all of them.

Lots of chit chat and stuff.. funny part was when Ryan purposely dropped the tongs so that the staff can change to a new one. LOL. “Oh no!”

And you know why in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the part where Dumbledore drank the potion to retrieve the Horcrux? Well. That potion was no ordinary potion. It’s potion pedas, that’s why Dumbledore needed water.

Potion consists of chocolate, spinach noodles, egg, apples, pineapple and alot of nonsense.


Went to the staircase area infront of Esplanade to rot, and we took a hell lot of pictures!

Gangster 5 sen. HAHAHAHAH.

We made an animated picture thingy. Very cool hahaha, too bad I wasn’t in it cos I was the photographer.

Hahha I think this was awesome. I like!

Too many pictures.. visit the facebook album here if you wanna see the pictures!


Anyway, I wanna change blog theme but the others are so ugly. I don’t like white backgrounds. Pfft, I want my own server and domain D:

And also! 2 Understanding Tests down! I think I did well for the 2 papers. Wait till result come out skali different so I don’t want to have high expectations. 2 more to go!


BBQ/Pool Partay~!

Ah my daily readership dropping like rotten coconuts. 😦 Most of my hits come from google searches and the 2-3 people who always reads my blog LOL.

Last week was rather eventful. I hate rotting at home with nothing to do. Went grocery shopping on Wednesday for the BBQ supplies. I love grocery shopping.

We bought like 4kg of chicken, hot dogs, crab meat, prawns, corn and Jerald’s mom bought more prawn, hot dog and even sliced beef for us, which tasted really yummy by the way.

So finally, on Friday we crashed Jerald’s house 🙂


Ugh okay the picture is horribly small. I’m starting to hate this blog theme but wordpress doesn’t have anymore nicer ones 😦 I want my own domain.

Right, before I go out of topic, I must gush about Jerald’s house and room.

IT’S SO NICE AND BIG AND COMFY. I love his house! Haha. Anyway that’s Jerald with Joen in the picture.


Camwhore! 😀 Jerald’s the tall giant among us. Jac is like half his height HAHAHHA. Ahem. His sister is so innocent and adorable 😀


We head down to the bbq pit! The whole pool area is reserved for us. 😀 AWESOME. So yea, setting up of the bbq! And our foooood. I love food. CHICKEN! BEEF! No wonder I’m fat.

bbq4Jerald & Joen. Aren’t they a cute couple. 😛

I realize I didn’t take pics of the food being bbq-ed. Hands dirty + lazy. HEH. I went in the water eventually because it looks so alluring and irresistible.  Look at the water!

The pool is like uber deep too, up till 2m? Jerald made me float in the middle of the 2m side and it was effing scary because I was so scared of drowning. I was fine after that though cos it was rather fun. xD

bbq5Swim swim swim clear blue waterssssss~!

bbq6The unglamorous group photo. Click to enlarge.

Since it’s a condo bbq, there’s time limits 😦 Until 10pm and we have to clear up. SAD much! Went up and bid Jac, Serene and Zack good bye cos they couldn’t sleep over. Took a shower, ate some soup and hit the sack! Tired sia.

Woke up at 10am the next day and had a relatively nice leftover breakfast hahaha then went back to bed after that -_-” Headed home around 4pm. 🙂 I love bbqs with awesome people! More sleepovers next time! ❤


Met Intan for dinner today at IMM. Spaghetti Too again after a long time. Seafood pizza! Pizza is awesome minus the mussels. GOD I HATE MUSSELS. Can’t believe there’s actually a food item that I hate. Brr those things give me hell.

1815_zenz1-4Bought a mouse too since mine died. $10.90 at Challanger, yay for member discounts! Pretty nice mouse. Bought the Charcoal mask and a collar for Teager at Daiso. I LOVE DAISO! I want to go there again! Time flies when you’re having fun. Intan had to go home and well the shops are closing anyway.  I want to shop again. INTAN THURSDAY OK?

I need a hard disk to store my videos and pictures! My laptop is running out of space! Anyone kind enough to sponsor meeee? HAHAH. IT Show coming but it’s gonna be crowded as hell. 😦 Bah!

omming and nomming

Om nom nom.

I want to declare my love for food.

Anyway, went to eat at Sakae again after school on Friday together with Jerald, Joen & Jac. LOL I just realised all of them have names that start with J. -_-

Been craving for chawanmushi and tofu for a very long time and finally got to satisfy it man~! Sakae student bufet is so good. I think we ate like 60 plates altogether. Damn worth it. Can you imagine, 60 x 2.29? That’s like, $137 without taxes. We only paid like.. $70+? HAH.


That’s just 1/3 or 1/4 of the total number of plates. MMMM I wanna eat at Sakae again. LoL. Lots of bitching and gossip again while eating. Jerald’s sister joined us afterwards. Me thinks she’s cool, not like typical girls you see around. Oh yeh, Serene and her bf and friend joined too.

Since it was Friday, there was lots of people at Plaza Sing.. wanted to chill at Starbucks or TCC but no space so we went home after that. ): Hmm ate dinner outside like thrice in a week. Pocket got hole.


Then yesterday, went to eat dimsum for dinner. Yum. I love siew mai, prawn dumpling and luo mai kai. *drools* It was supposed to be a treat for mom for mothers day and her b’day but she didn’t eat much -_-”


Century egg porridge (not that nice actually), thai fish head (GOOOOD!) and some of the dim sums. I feel hungry already.

noms and meows


Had dinner at Parkmall’s Sakae Sushi with Intan on Wednesday. I thought the price is gonna be like $23+ but it turned out to be only $18 because there’s student buffet dinner price! Yay! Moar sakae dinner next time 🙂


Sushi.. comfort food 😀 Unagi Chawanmushi is gooooooood. We stayed like since the start of the buffet till the end. Slurp.

Oh and finally, my moo cards arrived! They’re so pretty and FREE! My replacement earpiece has yet to arrive though 😦

mooRainbow themed cards, oh yeah.

Aaaand some random pictures of my cat!

teagerSo kyooooot! ❤

bungle wungle boogie woogie

I feel so untouched
That I want you so much
That I just can’t resist you
It’s not enough to say that I miss you.


About time I update huh. Went to Woodlands library last Sunday to sell 2 books and then meet Fir to study. LOL yeah, study. I wanted to do notes for my 6Ps but end up I do abit only cos most of the time we were listening to Lady Gaga, chatting, laughing and camwhoring.

Camwhoring with my laptop. So retarded haha. Fir looks like he got constipation in the first pic 😀


Had to go to school today for some FYP thing. Super waste time imo. Rushed to school and then the stupid run through about the FYP thing was 1 hour only. Then we proceeded to do our template. The most frustrating thing is that we had to wait 1 hour to get our template checked AND THE STUPID FACILITATOR JUST CHECK FOR 1 MIN OR LESS. Nabei wait so long in the end the review like that only. knn!

Feeling frustrated + hungry is nawt a good thing so we went to AMK hub to meet Serene and Zack for Lunner. That’s Lunch+Dinner for you. I wanted to eat sushi initially but they settled for New York New York so I had no choice 😦


Jerald’s garlic bread, Joen’s mushroom soup and Zack’s mussel. GOD I HATE MUSSELS THAT TASTE LIKE SHIT. And Intan says zhut zhut taste like shit -.-” lol. Mine’s the baked half chicken and the cherry on top drink. 😀 yum yum.

Jerald and Joen seemed amazed at my ability to eat the chicken using fork and spoon so effortlessly. It takes MAD SKILLZ hahaha.

Trained home after that. I don’t get the point of the train terminating at Yishun. Redundant and waste time zzz.

Sigh another long day tmr. Stupid FYP.

Oo yum yum

Went to Aston’s Specialties at The Cathay on Thursday with SP, Matt, Intan, Ger, Cindy and Ummar! The last time I saw them (except Intan) was a while ago.

So anyway, the food is err.. ok lor I guess. The xtra cut steak is yummy. Nice to have once in a while but I think my dad can make nicer steak at a cheaper price :p The portion of the onion rings was so pathetic! 5 pieces only. The meal + drink costed me $18.70. No pictures cos we sat outdoors and it’s dark. Warm. Nice ambience though.

Ate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after that. On the way home, it was raining heavily so we rotted at Starbugs to wait for the rain to stop which it didn’t so Cindy cabbed us to the nearest mrt 🙂

That was the end of a fun day.. because the next 4 days is work. 😦

At least I have RJA’s concert to look forward to! 3 more days! Yay!

To Hairloom & Caramel!

Finally after 9237849 years I got to meet Intan again! We went to this new cafe I read about in 8 days called Hairloom & Caramel (check out their website btw). Man the place is so pretty and quirky and unique! It’s at Shaw Towers, Level 1.


So colorful! Pretty! Oh it’s a salon too at the other side! Their cost quite ex. Trainee cut your hair costs $20. If I recall correctly, trainees at Pivot Point charge half that price :p


I love all the tables and chairs.. not one furniture is the same. The colours all are really cute! My kinda colours! The decoration also quite cool. The lighting is nice, theres little plants at each table and theres an old dressing table too. Got birdcage as well..

dscf0175And cat ornaments!

dscf0160Meow :3

Yea. So we were here for lunch. Their menu changes everyday! Full list of menu on their blogsite. I had the Thai Green Chicken Curry Pasta with complimentary lemongrass tea which doesn’t quite suit my pallatte. Intan had a Smoked Salmon Salad with some sauce I forgot.


Even the tea cups are cute and unique. LOL!


My really yummy pasta!!  Its really really good. The pasta is done al dente and the curry itself is spectacular! Nice and milky and the flavour is really there. I LOVE this pasta and it’s only $8.50!! Cheaper than pastacrapamania!!

Yes, I really hate Pastamania. Haha.


Intan’s Salmon Salad. Also for $8.50. There’s like LOADS of salmon in there. Fresh thick ones too! Yummy! I don’t like smoked salmon though but it’s still nice.

After that, desserts! I had the Chocolate Caramel and Intan had the Creme Brulee. $3.50 and $4.90 respectively.


MINE! Ok la it’s abit expensive for something so small. Nice to try once. Oh yea the plates and fork is cute.


Ze creme brulee! It’s creamy and sweet.. but also not worth the price. I can make this too. lol.

So that’s the end of the lunch time at Hairloom & Caramel..

Went to bugis street after that to shop shop! Nothing nice there though. Just bought a watch. Intan bought a bag and a skirt :O

Then went to Central at Clarke Quay to see the candy store. Expensive :/ Home after that! 😀


OH YEA! 1 more week to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ concert! Cannot wait!