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Virtual Diarrhoea: Of Barbeques, X’mas Stuff & Food!

Oh my god so much to blog about this week!!!! Lots of pictures coming up man!!

Let’s start from Tuesday.

9/12/08 – Tuesday

dscf0041Rose baked awesome cupcakes. Love it! So pretty and happy ahahaha.

10/12/08 – Wednesday


Party over at his place! Barbeque, swim, drink, laugh! Day before that, me & Serene went to buy a gift for him, a formal shirt, lulz.

Anyways, met up with Greg and Serene first for a swim!


Ahhh the pool is soo inviting!! Calm blue waters, no pesky kids to share the pool with.. nice weather! WEE!


Look at the condo.. so nice la. Reminded me of Hogwards for some strange reason.

Play water for a while, got attacked by Greg and ya, I’m vulnerable in water, lulz. Rotted for a while to dry ourselves and went up.

dscf0046Wilson’s dog Koko. Noisy little dog. But cute!

dscf0044Greg here all shy and fatherly, carrying a toddler.


BBQ FOOD! Finally its BBQ time! As a glutton that I am, I’ve been waiting patiently for this. LOL. There’s like LOTS OF CHICKEN, prawn, hot dogs, sambal sting ray, sotong!! I love barbeques πŸ˜€ Eugene’s our bartender for the day πŸ˜€

dscf0055While the guys start the fire.. I was..


Taking macro shots of a random flower. OMG it turnedΒ  out so nice and clear! No need DSLR! Cheap camera also can!


Drinks for the day, along with rose syrup. Vodka, grenadine syrup with orange juice. Sunset! I remember making a non-alcoholic version in secondary school for F&N.

dscf0058NOM NOM time!

Ok so we ate and chat and laughed till evening. Jerald came so late. Fast forward, we ate till we were so full, then some cats came to act cute and ask for our food.


The black mummy kitteh. Damn Greg’s legs are shiny.

Yeah so after that, no more pics cos I left it upstairs. We drank and ate more. Then moved over to the pool side. There was beer, baileys and cake. First time tasting baileys and boy, it’s yummy! The only alcoholic drink that I think I’ll ever like. Beer smells nice but tastes boring, lol. Cut the story short, Albert came, threw him in the pool, ate cake, Jerald and the others swam, I left my towel and sunblock at wilson’s house and I went to pick my mom up from work. That’s my wednesday.

11/12/08 – Thursday

Even after a rough night, lotsa ppl stil came to school cept for the birthday boy who had a hungover lol. Nothing much in school, the only significant thing was us tying Joshua and Greg throwing a piece of broccoli on my face.

Yeah. =.=

We we’re playing around like little kids! Me throwing sticky tape balls, Ian hitting it like playing baseball, running around catching people.. lol it’s fun! Then I think some kinda war happened and Greg randomly threw a broccoli at me. I was like, wtf?! then I saw the pathetic piece of vegetable and started laughing till I couldn’t breathe. LMAO.


Joshua likes being tied up. He likes SM! πŸ˜€

13-14/12/08 – Saturday – Sunday

Went over to dad’s house. Went for swimming! πŸ˜€

Cooked breakfast on Sunday. Western breakfast then Indon lunch. Yummos!



Wah looking at the food again I’m hungry. So yea pancakes, scrambled eggs and hot dogs for breakfast. Cook ourselves cos mcdonalds is expensive and not filling! Then for lunch, we had fried tofu and tempeh, some kinda fermented beancurd. Poached vegetables to be dipped in belachan. Fwarh! Yum. Oh got fried fish and chicken soup too. Man. I wish I have these kinda lunches everyday.

Watched Superman Returns at night then went home.



2 packages from my secret santas! WOO Hoo!


Wahhhh! MYUK wallet and Audio Technica CUBE earpieces!! I don’t really like MYUK wallets but this one quite ok for once! Omg! I love it sia. T.T Touched!!

Im still waiting for more packages sia!

1 fromPC, 1 from Ad, 1 from Jet and my threadless shirts -_-

So exciting. Hah OKAY finally I’m done with this post! TOODLESSS!


Birthday Chalet! <3

Even though my birthday is like, next wednesday, I did a birthday chalet yesterday, lol. This is my 1 week holidays, a pitiful one week.. but jam-packed with activities!

The reception~~

Netharavon Chalet C! Decent chalet, I prefer Fairy Point Bungalow though, which was my chalet for last year. Oh. That’s my mom going in the house.

The hall..

Another view of the hall.

The bbq pit! Didn’t take any pics of food being bbq-ed though..cos hands are dirty, lol.

Hhaha. My awesome friends! Intan, Serene, Jerald, Greg, Wilson & Aaron!

The bbq started at 6pm+ and the food was good! Mom and aunty Cora was the chef for the day. Chicken, satay, hot dog, fishball, otah… YUMMY. Good food. Good food.

Ate and ate and ate and talked. Drank martell with coke as a toast for my birthday haha. Tasted better than vodka I suppose. But I still see no point of drinking.. lol.

Played wilson’s ps2! American Idol is like so damn fun! Everyone sang and laughed.. hahaha

HAHAHAHA. Me singing. Usually I don’t sing infront of people one lor because I totally can’t sing. I wonder how many ears I damaged πŸ˜› And I’m a cheater too LOL, everyone sang with Hard as difficulty while I changed mine to easy πŸ˜› IM THE AMERICAN IDOL! LOL.

Cheese! Intan & me! I realize I have 1 double eyelid and another single eyelid. I’m a freakshow.

The five cats who waited patiently to be fed by us. Damn cute! So many cats there! 6 adults and 2 kittens and loads more. Earlier on, 2 of them were having sex right infront of us, lmao. The 5 in the pic are called PUSSY! P-U-S-S-Y. LOL DON’T CHA! HAHAHA.

After playing moar PS2, helping Jerald out with his PP poster, blasting Remembering Sunday by All Time Low (our theme song HAHAH), slacking, eating some more, talking about ghosts outside, we walked to changi village to hunt for transsexuals..


Not to ask for their services of course, but just to see see look look. Haha I was scared cos I’ve never seen those people in public before and especially at an unearthly hour of 5am. I think we saw like 5 of them at 1 spot. Scary. 1 of them was spot-checked by the police..

Some of them has good figure though, despite actually being a man. Lol. Saw a few cars picking them up too. LOL.

Walked back to the chalet after buying ice creams and stuff. Played truth or dare with lots of ridiculous and kinky dares..

The spinning green tea bottle.

Packed up, cleaned and everything and checked out at 9.30am. TOTALLY dog tired. Cabbed home ($28 omg :() and KO-ed.

Hehe. Got a $100 ang pow from uncle edwin and Rasberry from me friends! LOVE~!

RASBERRY! Made with hugs by GRAPE and Gang. HAHAHA.