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Virtual Diarrhoea: Of lots of sushi & family day?

Oooh. What an eventful week. Lots of dinners and the best thing is, it’s the last week of school!

Went to eat dinner at Aston’s Specialties on Tuesday with Jerald, Joen, Jac and Serene. D: Wanted to eat the steak but not enough money so I ate some grilled fish with herb thing. Abit rip off cos the fish is just that Sutchi fillet which I can get at 3pc/$3.95. -_- Lots of crapping as usual. Camwhored while waiting Jac to finish her FYP meeting before leaving school.

jerMe hair looks so nice and shiny! xD

And then on Wednesday, went to meet Intoot at City Hall for Sakae Sushi. This is like my 2nd or 3rd time eating sushi already this month. I love sushi. 😀 Talked and stuff as per normal then headed to the water area at Esplanade. I think it’s called the Bayfront or something, dunno.

esplanadeLoads more pics taken, all at facebook.

Someone so hardcore sia. 4 sticks! Of something 🙂 Headed to starbucks after that for some kopi and internet! Did I mention my internet was down for 2 days? Felt so handicapped LOL.

Had no plans on Thursday though. Can’t remember if I did have any. o.O

Then FRIDAY! Celebrated Geraldine’s birthday. Happy 19th Ger! I ended school early so guess what I did. I took the train from Woodlands to Jurong East and THEN to Dhoby Ghaut. Omg. And I was still super early! Slacked at Pie Kia (their pies smell good and tastes awesome too!) and happen to see Aysh and Maddie coming my direction. They didn’t notice me though lol, until I waved my hands. 😀

Birthday girl finally came and we headed to Sakae. Had to wait for a while and when we got a seat, we had to squeeze in. 6 ppl on a table meant for 4 people, so imagine that! To make matters worst, the air con was down. Cramped + hot = DIE! But it wasn’t so bad though, the laughters, dirty talks and lame jokes made it all funny and enjoyable. 🙂

Aha. 3 Sakae buffets for the month. Think I’m gonna lay off sushi for the time being.


Took group photo! Ger, Aysh, Maddie, Han & SP had to go home so it’s me and the other 3. -_- Stood at level 2 of Plaza Singapura talking crap and poking fun at the security guard guarding the dinosaur display.. and Ummar’s green dinosaur with green horns =.=’

After what seemed like an eternity, we went to sit near by Giraffe and camwhored a lot! Intan, Ummar and Danny took jumpshots and I didn’t, for obvious reasons. You don’t want earthquake right? So yea, went home and barely caught the last train. (:

Finally, had to wake up super early today from the National Family Day thing. I thought it’s gonna be fun but it’s super lame. The crappy weather didn’t make it better at all! All we did was eat ice cream, stand under a huge umbrella cos it was raining heavily. Lidya got to play some racing cars though. I think she’s a natural driver, just look at her go!

lidyaRed toy car ahaha.

She was the fastest and constantly swerving to avoid the others. Ah, just watch the video. 😀


What an eventful week! xoxo


noms and meows


Had dinner at Parkmall’s Sakae Sushi with Intan on Wednesday. I thought the price is gonna be like $23+ but it turned out to be only $18 because there’s student buffet dinner price! Yay! Moar sakae dinner next time 🙂


Sushi.. comfort food 😀 Unagi Chawanmushi is gooooooood. We stayed like since the start of the buffet till the end. Slurp.

Oh and finally, my moo cards arrived! They’re so pretty and FREE! My replacement earpiece has yet to arrive though 😦

mooRainbow themed cards, oh yeah.

Aaaand some random pictures of my cat!

teagerSo kyooooot! ❤