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Unboxing My New HP TouchSmart!!

Ah finally, finally my HP TouchSmart has arrived in Singapore! Went to collect it yesterday at the HP Office (a very very colourful office, I like) with Rinaz. A lil trouble with the security guard but all went well! Camwhored with the TouchSmart and cabbed home. Cab fares scares me to no tomorrow but THANKS ALOT Nazry (Rinaz’s brother) for paying the bill. Thank you 🙂 🙂

Right. I know you all are dying to see the pictures! Hahaha but unfortunately it’s quite blurry since I took it at night. My phone camera sucks 😦 …

Frontview of box

Back view of box

Keyboard and wires

Keyboard and mouse. WIRELESS! 😀 I hate the wire clutter.. now no more! 😀

Remote, some cables, manual and the big charger thingy.

The main baby. The 22 inch HD screen! 😀 Very heavy.

The whole package set up! So pretty lah! I’m still wow-ed by the hugeness of the screen. I’m so used to the normal 13.1″ laptop screen. The keyboard is awesome. I love typing on it (doing so now!) and it’s like less than 1cm thick! talk about being ergonomic!

Compare it with my puny Lenovo laptop hahaha. The design is wonderful and it’s so sleek and shiny! Both computers on cos I am transferring my songs to the TouchSmart.

Wookay. After playing with it for a day, the main thing I want to say is… THE SOUND THAT COMES OUT OF THE TOUCHSMART IS DAMN GOOD! I feel like I am wearing high quality headphones. I really really like the sound system.

As for visuals, it’s too bright, even after I’ve lowered the brightness to 0, it’s still very bright. I want to do something about this before I turn blind.

Now the touching part! Haha kay that sounds wrong but anyway, I like it. It’s interesting to drag the icons around and all but what I found irritating is that, I have to tap a few times before the windows close or application opens. Maybe my finger is just too big. See fingerprints on the screen breaks my heart. lol. So.. I need to hunt for a 22 inch sized screen protector. Is there? *noob*

As for the HP TouchSmart UI, it’s just wow. Just like what I dreamt of doing. Drag here, drag there, crop and expand images using my fingers. Dragging music files and playing them. Writing hand written notes. I love it alot. What I didn’t was the browser. No tabbing and scrolling up and down also I need to use my fingers so it’s a lil mafan (troublesome). I’ll stick to firefox.

I swear my uncle’s eyeballs popped out and his jaws dropped to the floor when I told him that the hard disk space is 400+ GB and 4GB RAM. Haha. Way a lot of space for me.

I don’t know what else to write for now. I’ll end of with a poorly done video I took of me playing the HP TouchSmart. Very paiseh, sometimes I tap nothing happen HAHAHA that’s because of the cloth I’m holding to my finger. Don’t laugh!! It works perfectly fine without it.

I’ve got a blocked nose thats why I speak funny and breathed loudly :/ Pardon the bad camera.. SE Cybershot phone also like that.. time for a better camera. Haha. 🙂

Thank you HP People and thanks Jael and Melvin from Waggener Edstrom!


Geek Toys

Oh bliss, I’m collecting my HP TouchSmart on Tuesday! Looking forward to it, since Tuesday is the last day of school and holidays + new geek toys = happy. Oh. And I ordered a Nintendo DS Lite too. Either Crimson/Black or Cobalt Blue/Black. 😀 😀 😀 I’ll do a video of the unboxing of my geek toys. Can’t wait! 🙂

Oh My God, I Won The HP TouchSmart

I checked my email and I saw it!!!!!11 OMG!!! This is like my lucky month, seriously.. wow. I’m so shocked. Shocked till I cannot sleep and I got like, work later. Wow. Thanks Rinaz and thanks, HP people!! Hahaha..

More info here!!