Thank you.

Haven’t been blogging recently because I’ve nothing interesting going on in life or I’m just lazy.

Anyway, I had the worst shock of my life today. I was stoning at bugis when this old lady begged money from me, but I had no coins. She kept pestering me so I decided to show her my wallet but to my horror, it’s not there. So I started freaking out and panicking. Totally lost the mood to do anything else cos all I had in mind is to find my lost wallet. Called and screamed at my mom and bro asking them to help me find my wallet in the house, but to no avail.

Went home to back track. Had to ditch Intan, so sorry. lol.

I remembered buying supper yesterday at the hawker center but I wasn’t sure if I left my wallet there because I was like reading and listening to music while ordering food. Hurhur. Funny story, I usually buy my supper at this economic noodle store and everytime I order there, the noodle aunty seems very pissed at me. First time I ordered, I couldn’t hear what she said so she had to repeat and repeat. Second time I ordered, I didn’t have enough money. LOL. She has all the reasons to be pissed at me.

BUT THANKFULLY, this aunty kept my wallet. Apparently I left it there after ordering food yesterday. Everything intact! I was so grateful to her. She didn’t want the money I gave her in return of her kindness. Ah well, I must have done good things to be quite lucky. Next time I’m paying it forward.

I wish the aunty good health and all the good stuff. 😀 So thankful.



  rinaz wrote @

Wah, thats a close shave! You’re very lucky!

  Jurlique wrote @

rinaz: yahhh! i was sooo stressed! first time losing wallet :/

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