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Photo Frenzy

Alrighty, finally the time to blog. Haven’t been blogging because I’m just too lazy and I don’t really have anything to blog about, except my food review which I’ll do on my other blog.

So anyway, I went to Chinatown with Intan last week to eat the raved-about Dallas Chicken & Ribs.. review coming up soon, if I don’t procrastinate. 😉 I was like a tourist, taking pictures here and there because I haven’t gone to Chinatown before! It’s really pretty and I didn’t feel like I’m in sg with all those shop houses around. Very nice. Next stop, Kampung Glam & Little India! Haha reminds me of those field trips we have when we’re in primary school. Do they still have those now?



Red Lanterns

Tee hee. Fun. Oh btw one of the pics has that Mas Selamat poster glaring at one corner =.=

Anyway, after sightseeing Chinatown, we wanted to walk back to the MRT station but apparently, we got lost.. and ended up taking Bus 80 to Bugis but Clarke Quay attracted our attention instead. The place is so pretty at night!

Right.. these are some of the pictures. Clarke Quay has lots of middle east restaurants. We tried turkish ice cream and it’s nice. Chewy. So basically we just roamed around and stuff. I want a better camera for nicer pictures..!