Hey oh

*looks at the date of the last post*

Woah okay that is long ago. Totally stopped blogging man. Just don’t feel like it. And no one’s reading anyway, haha.

Just an update of my current life. I’ve finally graduated from RP. Got rejected by NTU. Became a full timer at Teadot! Just in case you don’t know, Teadot’s a cafe at Tampines 1. ..and well, we obviously sell teas. Lots of varieties! You guys should totally go visit. Hahah..

Anyway, yea. That’s my life now, work everyday. Earn the dough. Yadda yadda yadda.

Nothing major happened so far. Story of my life. Forever a nobody. šŸ˜›

Ok lah hello & goodbye to whoever bothers to read this.



  rinaz wrote @

Shucks about the NTU part. Are you going to try to apply again?

  Rasyidah wrote @

Nah..my gpa not that good and I don’t really wanna study for the sake of studying :/

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