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My FAILxercise Experiences!

[Contest entry]

This, is me.

domo1Chubby and bespectacled me.

I’ve been horizontally challenged all my life and do you know how many nicknames have been given to me? Elephant, godzilla, giant, and the likes. It’s never fun being fat but life’s like that. So I decided to do something to get rid of the fats.

I’ve done so many things and all seem to fail. The first and obvious one? Exercising.

I was in my primary and secondary school TAF club program. We did alot of running, skipping, etc. Even now and then, I try to go jogging.

(click to enlarge images please!)run!

I jogged alright. All those 1.6km, 2.4km and 5km runs/jogged/sometimes walk (HEHEHE) I did for how many years..I stayed the same. I even tried those exercise parks since they are nearby my house.


Push, I did. Push with all my might, hoping to burn some fats away…


And swing I did. Swinging with all my might. After all these running, pushing, swinging, this is how I end up.


Crashed at a playground and snoozed. Oh the body ache! So I never went back to running and all that. -_-”

Then I tried dieting. You know, less carbs, more veggies and stuff? Oh yeah. I cut down on rice and carbs, upped the intake of veggies and fruits and meat.

veggie diet

Nummy nummy. Lol I look ridiculous.

Anyway, the diet went well…for a week. Ironically, it made me more hungry and I’m sick of veggies and meat only. I gave up and dived for my snacks. Oh yummy yummy snacks!


Oh cadbury. Oh popcorn. Oh waffle cereal. Why do you guys taste so good? This isn’t the deal but you guys are such good food.

Hah. Even dieting failed.

Getting desperate, I turned to slimming pills.

When I was in Sec 2, I tried Herbalife. The milkshake food replacement taste great, but it could never last long. My stomach felt empty and sad. LOL. Then few months back, my friend who was getting married, introduced a slimming jamu (malay traditional pill) to me. She tried and it sort of works for her.


But by golly, the moment I opened the bottle..the smell almost knocked me out. It was awful. The smell was like, a cross of dirty gym socks and..rotten eggs? I don’t know. Worst thing is, I had to gulp down 6 pills per intake!

I still tried it anyway, for a few days. It made me poo a lot. Pooing a lot is not fun, so I stopped taking pills and..


dumped them in the rubbish bin where they belong. Remember, it’s not good to take too much slimming pills because you may never know what the side effects are.

Bleah. So many attempts to slim down. Exercising, dieting, pills. I think I need a personal trainer, but that costs alot of money. I swear playing bowling or tennis and even boxing on wii makes me sweat even more than running does.

There’s still one thing I haven’t tried though, and it’s this nifty technology called Cavitation, by Cenosis.

If you haven’t learnt Biology, our fat cells look like this:

Pink and fluffy looking, like little bunnies. BUT NO, these things are bad. I hate them, you hate them, everyone hates them. So what cavitation does is that, it uses stable cavitation to break the fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles.

Thus, the complex fatty acids are broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids then make their way out of our butts and into the toilet bowl. *lol*

To make it clearer, this diagram explains it all.


Sounds interesting, ain’t it? Rest assured, Cenosis is qualified to use the Cavitation Technlogy, spending years in research to ensure the safety of their customers while showing proven results. They certainly are licensed to kill! Kill those fats away, of course!

Look at the results! This is a great way to slim down. Running & dieting can wait again. Cavitation can melt my fats away and you can try it now! There’s a special price for me and you! Yay for the slimmer & more confident you and me!

Even if I don’t fully slim down, I still can have a drop in clothes size, after all those fats are melted and pooped out of my system after cavitation. Shopping shopping shopping for clothes! Shopping makes me a happy girl.

So why wait?

Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit to make an appointment.


Nuffnang Flash Mob!

Last Saturday I went down to Orchard for the Nuffnang Flash Mob event! My first Nuffnang event I attended and also, my first flash mob participation! Now that’s something I can strike of the list of what I want to do. 😀 The whole event was okay as it’s Nuffnang’s first flashmob. I’m very sure the second one would be epic, can’t wait!

For the flash mob, we had to strip down to our pyjamas and this was what I wore!

nightieHAHAHA I look so funny and anyway! That’s my rat, Rasberry without the P.

Being the natural kiasu Singaporean that I am, I went down to the gathering area quite early, like 4.30pm? -_-” Despite being early, there was actually a queue formed already! Guess I’m not the only kiasu one, eh?

(Please click all images to enlarge! All images courtesy of Nuffnang!)



In case you are wondering, I’m also there because I’m following Xiaxue & Sheylara! 2 of my favourite bloggers! Like omg! I finally and actually get to meet them up close in real life! I never actually thought I’d even get to meet them up close! (I sound like a crazed fan but I’m not crazy okay, just a fan.)


We were then briefed of what to do by the cool Nuffnang in-charge. Had to do some more waiting for the rest of the bloggers to arrive. Lots of interesting people there as well. I went alone because none of my friends were free. Sad right? LOL but I kinda had fun so it’s alright. Met new people as well!


This is the group I was in! We were frozen in that position for quite a while because everyone wants a picture on their cameras! Hahaha.

Anyway, I saw this blogger called Andystorm too. Apparently he’s from the same school as me but I’ve never seen him in school before. Well, with more than 10,000 students, the probability’s kinda low anyway.

Before I digress further, we had Xiaxue in our group photo too. Did I mention Pumpkin is uber cute? He’s so much smaller than I imagined him to be but he is still soooo cute!


Har har. I didn’t stand close enough in the shot! Xiaxue’s not that different from her photos on her blog and she’s not bad! I look like a giant next to her. :S (I’m the one wearing the pizza shirt fyi)


With all the activity going on at the area, a whole lot of onlookers were forming even though most of us are just standing around mingling or doing nothing. The crowd grew bigger later on!


Finally we are all gathered together and the head honcho himself comes out to re-brief all of us. See how serious everyone’s faces are? LOL.


I can’t remember why we had our hands up. I think it was something about us understanding what we’re supposed to do or something but still, all da cool people, raise your hands up highhhhhh! RAH RAH!

With everyone all eager and excited, we headed to our hiding places to get ready! The dark clouds and wind dampened my spirit but thank goodness it didn’t rain during the mob itself! Just look at the pantomimes, the crowd and the photographers!

smileQuite cute ah this guy. HAHAH


It’s our cue to strip then do the silent dance! UNFORTUNATELY.. this is where it kinda went down. Lots of the bloggers just stood there but some of them did strip and dance. I stripped but didn’t dance. LOL. The whole thing wasn’t a flash mob anymore, it’s just a huge mob of people in PJs, lol. The place was kinda cramped and small too. 😦 I hope next time the place is like, bigger like the huge space in the middle of vivo city. If people suddenly stripped in to the PJs there, people would really be shocked! Lots of time to improve and we’ll show Singapore what a flash mob is!

Here you go! Watch and see what actually happens. Nevertheless, we all had fun doing something crazy in the middle of Orchard Road!

Headed back to the waiting area then took a really big group photo! All how-many-hundreds of us over there! A stamp-worthy photo okay!


Yeah! On Our Way to The Singapore River Festival!

Nuffnang- SingTel Blogging Contest: I wish I had Internet at..

Before I start, I don’t think I need to go online when I’m at the beach. I’m there to soak up the sun! ^_^

So anyway, the place I wish I had internet connection is…



wait for it..




public toilets!

LOLOMG(Click on image to enlarge please!)

At any moment there’s no toilet paper to wipe my backside, I can go online on my laptop (it’s with me 24/7 and it’s going to die soon :() or my handphone so I can ask someone to bring me a roll of toilet paper. HAHAHA. I can always count on my MSN buddies to get toilet paper for me!

The BBoM Youth Plans are awesome! Only $24.65 a month from the usual $29.00 and you get a download speed of 1.5Mbps, upload speed of 384kbps AND 50gb of monthly local data!

To top it off, FREE security suit to ensure safety while surfing!

I love the portability! Internet everywhere. 😀 Can read blogs, ICHC and FML while doing ‘biz’ in toilet. 😛

Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit for details.