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Summary of the past two weeks.

I’m so lazy to update. I’m only updating because my blog looks so plain and stagnant and boring. Okay.

17 Oct 09

I skipped school for two days. LOL. Because Emily came to SG! Had a BBQ for her! Lotsa people came. Fun! Preparation was D: So many things happened. Chicken? Secret Sauce. 😀

Ooh setting up the bbq was sooo..


It was awesum. When the others went home, Intan, Ryan, Danny and me stayed back. Slept under the beautiful stars. Played card games. Love!


18 Oct 09

Met them again for dinner at rex. Rotted at Timbre..went to Keppel Bay after that. Played I never and Heart Attack. Those games are really LOL. I’m like the major loser ): Played till 2am-ish and Ummar sent everyone home. Haha it was dejavu. Wrong way and getting lost while sending me back. >_>

23 Oct 09

Went to Gym with Ayshie and Intan after school. First time, haha. Intimidating, all the guys and their muscles. But okay la. I shall try going to the women’s gym near my house. 😀 Went to BBQ Chicken after that, LOL totally defeat the purpose I know. Tried frolicks, fell in love with frozen yoghurt! ❤

A few days ago..

Met Intan and went to Haji Lane/Bugis. Ate at some moroccan restaurant at Bussorah St. Not bad! Quite nice. Love the bread and hummus. After that we went to every little shop house to have a look see. Not bad ah the stuff but some very expensive. I like how some of the shops have a cat. SO CUTE. :>


Intan woke me abruptly to ask if I wanna go eat Sashimi. OF COURSE I WANT AH. OMG I WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN. The hotate, takoyaki and everything ese was sooo goood. Esp that orange paste thing on top of the hotate and sotong. ORGASMIC!! The takoyaki was so cripsy some more. Want to go there agaaaain!

Had frolicks again. 😀 Walked around Tamp 1 and had to wait 2 hours for a customer to collect her headphones -.-


Gonna go to the Vet tmrw for Teager’s booster shot. And then it’s school again. 😦 I need a job.


omming and nomming

Om nom nom.

I want to declare my love for food.

Anyway, went to eat at Sakae again after school on Friday together with Jerald, Joen & Jac. LOL I just realised all of them have names that start with J. -_-

Been craving for chawanmushi and tofu for a very long time and finally got to satisfy it man~! Sakae student bufet is so good. I think we ate like 60 plates altogether. Damn worth it. Can you imagine, 60 x 2.29? That’s like, $137 without taxes. We only paid like.. $70+? HAH.


That’s just 1/3 or 1/4 of the total number of plates. MMMM I wanna eat at Sakae again. LoL. Lots of bitching and gossip again while eating. Jerald’s sister joined us afterwards. Me thinks she’s cool, not like typical girls you see around. Oh yeh, Serene and her bf and friend joined too.

Since it was Friday, there was lots of people at Plaza Sing.. wanted to chill at Starbucks or TCC but no space so we went home after that. ): Hmm ate dinner outside like thrice in a week. Pocket got hole.


Then yesterday, went to eat dimsum for dinner. Yum. I love siew mai, prawn dumpling and luo mai kai. *drools* It was supposed to be a treat for mom for mothers day and her b’day but she didn’t eat much -_-”


Century egg porridge (not that nice actually), thai fish head (GOOOOD!) and some of the dim sums. I feel hungry already.



Ooo so many new stuffs! New phone, new clothes..! Yesterday went over to dad’s place then we all went shopping, half sponsored by my dad and well half I had to pay myself. What a bargain! Hmm let’s see the damaged for the day.

1) 2 New shirts & 1 pants. Damage: $47

Quite nice ah the shirts.. I found a shop selling big sized clothes and yay! Finally girly looking clothes for me. White with black stripes and brown with white stripes. And pants to go with the shirts.

2) Bag. Damage: $16.90

Pic darn blur. I like the loud colours on the bag.. stark contrast to my shirts lol. I have bad fashion sense 😛

3) Slippers. Surfer something..: $15.60

My havaianas slippers are getting thin.. and they are like more than a year old! My step mom bought it for me at $6 1 yr ago, WAY before it got popular in sg. New slippers in Red/white & Brown! 😀

4) Optical mouse.: $14.90

My mouse decided to die on me and I hate using the touchpad so.. a new mouse. (coincidentally same mouse as Oto! LOL)

5) Accessories. : $5

6) Sushi lunch. : $42

This afternoon, I treated my brother to a long overdue lunch treat and I told him, he can choose whatever he wanted since I don’t treat him often. He chose sakae. @_@

7) New Handphone upgrade: Sony Ericsson k810i: $38

A new phone like after 2 years~! Went to IMM with mom today to upgrade our lines. My mom was so picky when choosing a phone.. and in the end she didn’t even choose 1 lol cos all phones are complicated to use, according to her. Well the phone I wanted.. purple was out of stock and its $10 more but lesser features than what I have now so I guess the k810i is more worth it even though it’s last year’s model. Yay!

8) Old issues of readers digest. : $10 for 10

Some forumer sold her books to me. I love readers digest! 😀 Awesome company during long train rides.

Oh. & I paid my mom $30 cos she lent me to top up my ezlink for last week. And I have to top up another $30 this week.. so $60 alr on transport omg.

Total damage: $249.40!

That’s all.. since I don’t spend money watching movies or eating out that often and I don’t shop every month (only like every semester @_@).. I guess it’s ok. I have nothing else to buy so me future pay will be safe in the ole’ piggy bank. Heeh.

Work tmr! 4 days of work before school starts then time to turn the Cs to Bs and As……..! Jiayou! xD