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Watermelon Fun

Woo woo wee woo.

Sushi buffet yesterday with Intan. Ate and nom nom nom as usual at Sakae. Nom Nom.

Taken with my new Fujifilm J10 camera. Have yet to blog about it.

Went to get some Coffeebuck Starbucks coffee after school today. They had some Open House with the Salvation Army. Damn while queuing, I realized that there was so many mats. I hate mats. Nuisance and make so much noise. Anyway I queued on time so I got my Dark Cherry Mocha Frapp within half and hour!

I prefer Toffee Nut though.

Main point on this post is to blog about what happened in class today. Wilson brought watermelon from god knows where and shared it with me, Greg and Aaron..


Picture so blur. Yes as you can see, we’re eating watermelons! Greg’s so primitive, eating/digging the fruit with his hand..

You can imagine all the juice dripping all over.

Then guess what? Greg went to smash the damn watermelon shell and yours truly got splashed with melon juice. >:[ So mr smartypants decided to wrap me with paper towels:




LOL =.=

I went home with a splattered shirt. I had a feeling that people think I’m crazy or I’m a dirty fellow.