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Pish n Cheeps

Made lunch today. Fish and chips! Yummy yum yum.

Some cheap fish fillet was on sale at NTUC. 4pc for $1.65. Then potatoes, $0.80. Serves 4. So worth it!

DSCF0347Ingredients before cooking. 😀

This time it was better. The last time I made fish and chips, the batter sucked and it ended up so chewy. Today’s batter is better! (lol) Totally crispy and yummy.


Doesn’t look appetising but I like! Only the fries looks super oily. Don’t know why.

Since it’s so fattening I didn’t eat dinner today. HUNGRY~!

P.S: Check out my tumblr! A photolog of my 2 cats. 😀


Nummy nummy

Went to Aston’s for dinner today. No pictures because guess why? I FORGOT TO BRING MY MEMORY CARD -_-. I need a spare card like really. lol.

Anyway potato salad is YUMMY. I want to learn how to make it coz it’s gooood. Lemon lime chicken. Ooh yeah.

The 3 Js went to watch Drag Me To Hell. I didn’t want to because 1. movies are a waste of money, 2. I hate scary stuff 😛

So me and Intan went to Funan to get her Sims 3 and rotted at McD with some milkshake and fries. Nummy nummy.

YOG Carnival thing and PJ FLASH MOB TMRW! Yay!

omming and nomming

Om nom nom.

I want to declare my love for food.

Anyway, went to eat at Sakae again after school on Friday together with Jerald, Joen & Jac. LOL I just realised all of them have names that start with J. -_-

Been craving for chawanmushi and tofu for a very long time and finally got to satisfy it man~! Sakae student bufet is so good. I think we ate like 60 plates altogether. Damn worth it. Can you imagine, 60 x 2.29? That’s like, $137 without taxes. We only paid like.. $70+? HAH.


That’s just 1/3 or 1/4 of the total number of plates. MMMM I wanna eat at Sakae again. LoL. Lots of bitching and gossip again while eating. Jerald’s sister joined us afterwards. Me thinks she’s cool, not like typical girls you see around. Oh yeh, Serene and her bf and friend joined too.

Since it was Friday, there was lots of people at Plaza Sing.. wanted to chill at Starbucks or TCC but no space so we went home after that. ): Hmm ate dinner outside like thrice in a week. Pocket got hole.


Then yesterday, went to eat dimsum for dinner. Yum. I love siew mai, prawn dumpling and luo mai kai. *drools* It was supposed to be a treat for mom for mothers day and her b’day but she didn’t eat much -_-”


Century egg porridge (not that nice actually), thai fish head (GOOOOD!) and some of the dim sums. I feel hungry already.

Birthday Chalet! <3

Even though my birthday is like, next wednesday, I did a birthday chalet yesterday, lol. This is my 1 week holidays, a pitiful one week.. but jam-packed with activities!

The reception~~

Netharavon Chalet C! Decent chalet, I prefer Fairy Point Bungalow though, which was my chalet for last year. Oh. That’s my mom going in the house.

The hall..

Another view of the hall.

The bbq pit! Didn’t take any pics of food being bbq-ed though..cos hands are dirty, lol.

Hhaha. My awesome friends! Intan, Serene, Jerald, Greg, Wilson & Aaron!

The bbq started at 6pm+ and the food was good! Mom and aunty Cora was the chef for the day. Chicken, satay, hot dog, fishball, otah… YUMMY. Good food. Good food.

Ate and ate and ate and talked. Drank martell with coke as a toast for my birthday haha. Tasted better than vodka I suppose. But I still see no point of drinking.. lol.

Played wilson’s ps2! American Idol is like so damn fun! Everyone sang and laughed.. hahaha

HAHAHAHA. Me singing. Usually I don’t sing infront of people one lor because I totally can’t sing. I wonder how many ears I damaged 😛 And I’m a cheater too LOL, everyone sang with Hard as difficulty while I changed mine to easy 😛 IM THE AMERICAN IDOL! LOL.

Cheese! Intan & me! I realize I have 1 double eyelid and another single eyelid. I’m a freakshow.

The five cats who waited patiently to be fed by us. Damn cute! So many cats there! 6 adults and 2 kittens and loads more. Earlier on, 2 of them were having sex right infront of us, lmao. The 5 in the pic are called PUSSY! P-U-S-S-Y. LOL DON’T CHA! HAHAHA.

After playing moar PS2, helping Jerald out with his PP poster, blasting Remembering Sunday by All Time Low (our theme song HAHAH), slacking, eating some more, talking about ghosts outside, we walked to changi village to hunt for transsexuals..


Not to ask for their services of course, but just to see see look look. Haha I was scared cos I’ve never seen those people in public before and especially at an unearthly hour of 5am. I think we saw like 5 of them at 1 spot. Scary. 1 of them was spot-checked by the police..

Some of them has good figure though, despite actually being a man. Lol. Saw a few cars picking them up too. LOL.

Walked back to the chalet after buying ice creams and stuff. Played truth or dare with lots of ridiculous and kinky dares..

The spinning green tea bottle.

Packed up, cleaned and everything and checked out at 9.30am. TOTALLY dog tired. Cabbed home ($28 omg :() and KO-ed.

Hehe. Got a $100 ang pow from uncle edwin and Rasberry from me friends! LOVE~!

RASBERRY! Made with hugs by GRAPE and Gang. HAHAHA.

Pasar Malams Are EVIL!


Which, I did.

I dunno why pasar malams are so increasingly common these days. There’s 1 like every 2 weeks at the same places. Well, I wanted to buy dinner after school so I decided that I finally get meself some pasar malam goodies since I rarely eat them.

So I bought them, took pictures of them and wanted to blog yesterday but I was too tired to do so.

And today, I stupidly deleted the pictures because I thought I uploaded them on photobucket already, which I did not, obviously. =.=” It’s ok, I found some pictures on flickr that’s close to what I took. These are what I bought!

1. Goreng Pisang

YUMMY. I loveeee goreng pisang and that’s no surprise, eh? Banana fried in some flour concoction. Sweet.

2. Takoyaki

This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know hat the main thing is.. is it flour? lol. Just awesome with bbq sauce (or issit teriyaki sauce?) and mayonnaise! Don’t forget the benito! Raaawr.. *drool*

3. Chicken Wing

Chicken wings are heavenly!! I bought the one with sambal and it’s sweet and spicy and not the mention, the chicken was a little bloody, just the way I like it. Yummeeh!

4. Vadai

Ate this with the green chilli provided. I bit into the seed and the spiciness exploded in my mouth. Ouch. I bought 1 piece only since I’m not quite fond of this. Still yummy lah, since I was hungry.

There you go.. The food I bought. Total damage: $5. Buying more takoyaki’s tmr! Yay

Oh. I bought 2 watches too because I don’t like whipping out my phone to check the time anymore. Super cute watches that’s big enough for my rather big wrist (I’m big boned :() @$14! $2 discount haha.

Aren’t they cute! I love the flower in the round one and I love the biscuit shape of the green one. Haha!

Total damage thanks to pasar malam: $19 @_@

Virtual Diarrhoea: Of school, changes and expenses

Short Talk: You know you spend too much time on the computer when this happens to you.

Cashier: Hi, may I have your order?
Me: Uhm.. student meal please, McChicken.
Cashier: Would you like to upsize it?
Me: Ok, upgrade it.
Me: …
Me: Uh oops hahaha I mean upsize!

Oh boy, today was the first day of school after a 2 weeks break. Things didn’t start pretty well. I overslept and I had to spend $20 on cab fare to school. I forgot to wear my belt so I looked like a pregnant woman in maternity clothes. Go figure, lol.

Class was… oddly easy today. I understood what was going on for the first time after 8 (!!) weeks and I did my part for my ppt slide, something I never did before, for this module. Mmhmm.


Wait.. what? Jurlique in girly clothes? That’s rare.

I usually don’t wear girly clothes because… I just don’t. I don’t feel comfortable in it and I’ve always worn shorts, berms, jeans (only black, mind you), T-shirts and Polo Tees my entire life. Like a guy, yes.. but that was what I am comfortable in. I seldom, almost never wore make up before because I find it a fuss to put it on then wash it away at the end of the day. Tsk, sometimes I feel like I’m a guy stuck in a girl’s body but NOPE, I’m perfectly 100% girl, with boyish habits. Haha. So why the sudden change?

I was told to wear some light make up to work so I did, for the first time and I found out that I looked nicer… but I am still very much lazy to put on make up. :p One day, one day, I won’t be. And also, I’m trying to wear girly stuff more often because, which male likes a boyish girl, you tell me?

So I’m slowly saying goodbye to my band tees, polo shirts and stuff that makes me look boyish…NOT! I still love these casual wear and I’m still wearing them to school. 😀 Cos I don’t really bother about how I dress in school, as long I look presentable, it’s all good.

Right, and now to expenses.

I seriously have to control control CONTROL my expenditure. I spend way too much on nonsensical and unnecessary stuff. I have this urge to spend and I have no idea why. I’m gonna stash my next pay check and cut away my atm card HAHAHA.

Jeez, look at what I bought yesterday after work.

JEPUN ICE CREAMS!!! At Isetan Supermarket. They are like about $6 each and really yummy, unique stuff that isn’t normally sold in SG. I bought this vanilla on the outside and ice kacang ice on the inside, with milk and strawberry, thick chocolate ice cream and soda ice cream. Yummy. Oh, and I also ate 1 on my way home, vanilla-lychee-strawberry flavour. Oh teh awesumness.

I bought 1 pkt of Japanese curry too since I love it. Simple to cook yet DELISH. Pity I lost my recipe/review.

Okay. I’m out. Tests to study for. 😦

Currently hooked to another jepun product: Wan wan milk beverage, lol. Tastes like your condensed milk with truckloads of sugar. Ah, bliss.