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Everything must use sex meh?

As the title above, everything must use sex meh? I was quite disturbed when I read one of the posts on about the latest Maggie Q PETA Advert. This is the advert:

Call me old fashioned but what the hell? Promote vegetarianism also must use one almost naked woman is it? Are we humans that shallow till we need these kinda stuff to ‘activate’ (sorry lack of a better vocab) our interest for something?

Even mainstream music nowadays, particularly rap/hip-hop and the likes, always using sex as lyrics in their songs. Pick any hip/hop or rap song and you’ll hear all the sexual references, boobs la, humps la, etc etc etc. Creativity juice zero already ah? Nothing else to sing about but sex? Might as well don’t make music. But sadly, people dig these things.


On a different note. I think I like, walked through the whole of orchard today, trying to find one shop. From Shaw House to Far East Plaza to Far East Shopping Center (damn that place is ULU I tell you), to Lucky Plaza. They are all near but thanks to the barricades and lack of traffic lights, walking to these places takes a longer time. Super exhausted now.

I want to rant but no mood already. -_-