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My Hoots!

Ahh Monday..

Time flies and it’s 17 November already, just less than 1.5 months away to new year. What the hell.

Soon I’m gonna graduate, get a job, get hitched, get married, have babies, grow old and die.


Anyway. I sold my PS2 already.. since it is under utilized. Lol. Bought it for the lil kid but he didn’t play it soo sell lor! For $200 some more, hahaha.. to some sec 2 kid. 🙂

Went to collect my mp3 player after school.. been waiting for this ever since my 3 years old samsung mp3 player died on me.

dsc00345BLUE IPOD NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kidding. I hate iPods since they don’t have the radio function. This is an ipod rip off.. from our ‘great’ country China.. it’s 2gb and costed me $65. Sigh I know. I was aiming the colourful samsung mp3 player but it’s out of stock.. and I don’t like the looks of other players and out of my budget lah. So this blue thing will be my companion to and from school.

Despite being a clone, the sound quality not bad at all.. am surprised. Only thing I hate is the very cheena font.

Right. Before collecting the player, I went to do a bit of shopping.. bought 2 bottles of Pureen Yogurt Shampoo and Soap.. they smell good and don’t irritate my skin. 😀 Lazy to take picture of them since they are at the toilet already. 😛

Oh.. bought 2 pairs of earrings too.. 1 for me 1 for Intan.. swap 😀


So colorful and pretty. I had a pair before but thanks to my carelessness, it dropped off and was never to be seen again. Amen.

The thought of school tomorrow is so depressing..database and crap.. ugh..