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toothy issues


Ugh. I didn’t know dental treatments can be so expensive! Haven’t gone for dental checkups ever since I graduated from secondary school so I went for the one RP had. Of all dentists they had to bring a private dentist. $96 gone to scaling, polishing and filling a hole in my molar. Good thing the dentist is so nice! But bad thing is, my bottom wisdom tooth are decaying so I have to pull them out soon..-.-”

Anyways, met Intan for dinner at Lucky Plaza yesterday. Wanted to visit Isetan after a long time. Can’t believe I actually miss that place. Still the same, cept that my counter is no longer there. =( Then went to Far East to have a look-see. Nothing much also, all the typical fashion trends that Singaporeans follow are sold there. What pisses me off is that, there are so many imitation Threadless tees being sold there! SO much for originality and uniqueness. Am not buying threadless unless there’s a sale. 😦

It’s so hard to find unique stuff in Singapore. Everyone follows the lame trends that come and go and everyone ends up looking the same. YAWN much.


Oh. Bought some masks there. $1 each, cheaper than watson’s or guardian. Just wore one, quite good me thinks! Gonna buy more!

And lastly, a video that lots of RP students need to watch. I’ms so sick of poorly done powerpoints!


I can haz shopping plz?

Finally after procrastinating, I went to shop for new stuffs for school. New term, new stuffs! Haha. Went to Boon Lay Shopping Center to get my white sneakers. Haven’t been there for super duper long! Used to go there everytime after primary school ends last time 😛 Since I was there, I went to the pet shop to have a look-see. They don’t carry the brand I’m feeding Teager -_-. So I just bought kitty litter.

I found out that I can’t shop as long as want to like last time, 5-6hrs walking around also can. Now 3-4 hours only I get tired hahaha. Jurong Point also nothing much to see. Wanted to go City Hall or Vivo but lazy + far.

So after few hours of walking around, these are my loot!

dscf0006Lump of mess!


I bought white sneakers + brown/pink laces. Wanted green but they didn’t have. There was this really nice yellow.. dunno why I didn’t buy it. =.=

$10 for 5 colourful socks, I like! And that bag. Nice bags are like so difficult to find because it’s either expensive or just.. non existant. Everyone was like selling those stupid bagpacks that everyone has. Well mine kinda looks like those “unique” bagpacks but it isnt. It’s different.. only the design hahaha but then again I doubt this design is common either, so yeah!

For the uninitiated, those are kitty prints. And ugh I hate the chain thing on the bag. Gonna remove it like, asap.

There was 2 other bags I liked but no.1, 1 of them is the common bagpack design. It’s super colourful and I love it but ughhh common. no. 2, also colourful but checkered. A bit small for me. So I went for this black and white one.. to kinda counter my colourful feet + shirts hahaha.

I also bought 2 bras HAHAHA.. ahem. And food :D~

piz1While roaming around, I saw Cold Storage selling pizza! $6 only ok! So worth it! I LOVE CHEESE! I wanna eat more pizza!!!!!

I spent like $100 today sia. Then again I seldom shop nao because.. nothing interesting to buy heheh.

Thus this concludes the post!~ I shall post about me first shisha experience tmrw. 😀

Can You Keep A Secret?

Was going home after work when I saw a book fair at vivo! 20-50% off for the books so after contemplating between Dan Brown’s books.. I bought a Sophie Kinsella book. LOL I KNOW, totally 2 different genre lor.


So anyway, the book is called Can You Keep A Secret? thus, my entry title. The book looks interesting. Ever since I read Remember Me? also by the same author, I’ve been wanting to read more of her books 😀

Uh yea thats all! 😀

Edit @ 1:20am

I suddenly remembered that I wanted to do a shopping list for stuff.

  • Backpack. I saw a nike one but it’s sold already! So sad.
  • Laptop case
  • Prolly a new pair of sneakers. Maybe kappa or everlast? Or old skool converse?
  • Cat food
  • Trim + color my hair. I don’t know what colour though. Blue highlights will fade to green (eek!!) and red highlights abit common. Maybe I should just do my whole hair pinky red like last time. HAHAHA power sia. Missed that colour!

I can’t remember what else already. Only these are priority o.O

Online Shopping


I can just sit and rot at home and yet spend just by shopping online 😦 lol. Anyhoo, I bought 2 stuffs! A leather case for my Zen Vision and a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus poster!!! 😀

dscf0315000Ooo the packages~! I love receiving packages! Makes me excited!

dscf0318The casing! Baby pink! So pretty ahaha. The only colour the store had =.= Convenient too. Has a slot at the flap where I can just put my ezlink card. Don’t have to take out my wallet AND hold the player at the same time. 😀

dscf0316The poster!! Haha $12 only!! Bought from LAMC’s ebay store. 😀 😀 I’m gonna put a hard backing and paste it up somewhere. RJA <3!

Other RJA merchs I bought after the concert:

dscf03112 pc of stickers: $5
4 small badges: $5

T_T So expensive. But part of the amount goes to the Red Jumpsuit Guardian Angel fund thingy so I suppose it’s ok. Really wanted to get their hoodie but :(. Effing expensive.

That’s all. Work again tmr. And Monday. Tuesday. Here and there. Bleh

Things I want To Do

Before school starts.

  1. Get a new bag
  2. Get slippers & pretty electric blue pumps from Cotton On.
  3. Get my hair highlighted. Blue? Red?
  4. Get contact lenses. Wanna try try.
  5. Get more shorts.

What I’ve already done.

  1. Get a pair of jeans. Bought one at baleno just now, $49 but got 60% discount! woot.
  2. Threadless Shirts for school. 6 of them, baby!
  3. Get a new job. Ironically it’s at the same place but different company.
  4. Finishing my CE points.

Woohoo. Shopping.

By next month, I want to:

  1. Get a nice curtain from Ikea
  2. Get a nice carpet at Ikea. Saw a pretty one, $19 only!
  3. Get glow in the dark stars to paste in my spanking new ‘hideout’
  4. Get awesome matching bedsheets :D!

I smell money flying.

Threadless R Here

Finally, my shirts has arrived, after about 3 weeks of waiting!!! Love love love.

YEAH! The package!!!

Im awesome.

I am awesome!

Ooh 4 of them. Well actually 5 but 1 is for Greg. 😀

I feel like ordering more >_>

My Hoots!

Ahh Monday..

Time flies and it’s 17 November already, just less than 1.5 months away to new year. What the hell.

Soon I’m gonna graduate, get a job, get hitched, get married, have babies, grow old and die.


Anyway. I sold my PS2 already.. since it is under utilized. Lol. Bought it for the lil kid but he didn’t play it soo sell lor! For $200 some more, hahaha.. to some sec 2 kid. 🙂

Went to collect my mp3 player after school.. been waiting for this ever since my 3 years old samsung mp3 player died on me.

dsc00345BLUE IPOD NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kidding. I hate iPods since they don’t have the radio function. This is an ipod rip off.. from our ‘great’ country China.. it’s 2gb and costed me $65. Sigh I know. I was aiming the colourful samsung mp3 player but it’s out of stock.. and I don’t like the looks of other players and out of my budget lah. So this blue thing will be my companion to and from school.

Despite being a clone, the sound quality not bad at all.. am surprised. Only thing I hate is the very cheena font.

Right. Before collecting the player, I went to do a bit of shopping.. bought 2 bottles of Pureen Yogurt Shampoo and Soap.. they smell good and don’t irritate my skin. 😀 Lazy to take picture of them since they are at the toilet already. 😛

Oh.. bought 2 pairs of earrings too.. 1 for me 1 for Intan.. swap 😀


So colorful and pretty. I had a pair before but thanks to my carelessness, it dropped off and was never to be seen again. Amen.

The thought of school tomorrow is so depressing..database and crap.. ugh..