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Seoul Garden’s Camwhorers

I cannot think of a good title. Lol.


Went to Seoul Garden last Tuesday to take advantage of the ladies nite offer. 50% off! Quite worth it.

Litez gang was there – Aysh, Intan, Ryan, ShiPei, Ummar, Danny, Johan and me! It’s been a while since I met all of them.

Lots of chit chat and stuff.. funny part was when Ryan purposely dropped the tongs so that the staff can change to a new one. LOL. “Oh no!”

And you know why in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the part where Dumbledore drank the potion to retrieve the Horcrux? Well. That potion was no ordinary potion. It’s potion pedas, that’s why Dumbledore needed water.

Potion consists of chocolate, spinach noodles, egg, apples, pineapple and alot of nonsense.


Went to the staircase area infront of Esplanade to rot, and we took a hell lot of pictures!

Gangster 5 sen. HAHAHAHAH.

We made an animated picture thingy. Very cool hahaha, too bad I wasn’t in it cos I was the photographer.

Hahha I think this was awesome. I like!

Too many pictures.. visit the facebook album here if you wanna see the pictures!


Anyway, I wanna change blog theme but the others are so ugly. I don’t like white backgrounds. Pfft, I want my own server and domain D:

And also! 2 Understanding Tests down! I think I did well for the 2 papers. Wait till result come out skali different so I don’t want to have high expectations. 2 more to go!


Cat Show @ Jurong Point

TGIF again! Haven’t been blogging because I’ve nothing to blog about and school has been a bitch. 9 H1N1 cases in my school already. I’d be damned if I contract that disease.

Anyway. Went to a cat show at Jurong Point last Saturday. Bumped into TeddybearTerrorist. Haven’t seen her for very long ever since I quit STOMP Talkback. Hur.

The cat show was for domestic cats. I wanted to bring my Teager to join but he hasn’t got his flu jab and I don’t want him to infect/get infected by the other cats there.

catAs usual, click to enlarge pictures.

Judges are 2 Cat Welfare people and Melody Chen. Host was Angela May who I’ve no idea who. I like the stage though, so cute. It’ll be cool to have that grey cat plastered on my wall.

And now I present the 12 cats in the show!


Cat no. 1 is cute. Looks like a Singapura cat or a Siamese mix.
Cat no. 2 is an adorable tabby. I love her colour.
Cat no. 3.. I don’t know the breed but it was very scared lol.
Cat 4 and 5 is your normal tabby cat too. The brown one has a heart shaped marking on his body!
Cat no. 6 is an orange tabby much like garfield, wearing a cute shirt.


Same orange cat. Cute right? Like the owner!! HAHAHA.
Cat no. 7 is super cute! Fat orange cat wearing a karate costume!
Cat no 8 is also orange, wearing a singlet thing.
Cat no. 9 is your regular cat.
Cat no 10 is horribly shy. Show backside only but the face is super cute. I think it’s a ragdoll lor! But the owner didn’t know.
Lastly, cat no. 11. Very young.

After the judging and all.. I left. It was kinda boring already and it’s 11pm! There was a pet supplies sale but so limited items. -_-”


Had dinner at Sakae Sushi today. I seriously should get a membership card. I eat at Sakae like every fortnight. I should be an ambassador! LOL. I think I didn’t fill my quota of 15 or more plates today. Felt so full quite quickly. TGIF anyway. Long needed rest. Zzz.

Nuffnang Flash Mob!

Last Saturday I went down to Orchard for the Nuffnang Flash Mob event! My first Nuffnang event I attended and also, my first flash mob participation! Now that’s something I can strike of the list of what I want to do. 😀 The whole event was okay as it’s Nuffnang’s first flashmob. I’m very sure the second one would be epic, can’t wait!

For the flash mob, we had to strip down to our pyjamas and this was what I wore!

nightieHAHAHA I look so funny and anyway! That’s my rat, Rasberry without the P.

Being the natural kiasu Singaporean that I am, I went down to the gathering area quite early, like 4.30pm? -_-” Despite being early, there was actually a queue formed already! Guess I’m not the only kiasu one, eh?

(Please click all images to enlarge! All images courtesy of Nuffnang!)



In case you are wondering, I’m also there because I’m following Xiaxue & Sheylara! 2 of my favourite bloggers! Like omg! I finally and actually get to meet them up close in real life! I never actually thought I’d even get to meet them up close! (I sound like a crazed fan but I’m not crazy okay, just a fan.)


We were then briefed of what to do by the cool Nuffnang in-charge. Had to do some more waiting for the rest of the bloggers to arrive. Lots of interesting people there as well. I went alone because none of my friends were free. Sad right? LOL but I kinda had fun so it’s alright. Met new people as well!


This is the group I was in! We were frozen in that position for quite a while because everyone wants a picture on their cameras! Hahaha.

Anyway, I saw this blogger called Andystorm too. Apparently he’s from the same school as me but I’ve never seen him in school before. Well, with more than 10,000 students, the probability’s kinda low anyway.

Before I digress further, we had Xiaxue in our group photo too. Did I mention Pumpkin is uber cute? He’s so much smaller than I imagined him to be but he is still soooo cute!


Har har. I didn’t stand close enough in the shot! Xiaxue’s not that different from her photos on her blog and she’s not bad! I look like a giant next to her. :S (I’m the one wearing the pizza shirt fyi)


With all the activity going on at the area, a whole lot of onlookers were forming even though most of us are just standing around mingling or doing nothing. The crowd grew bigger later on!


Finally we are all gathered together and the head honcho himself comes out to re-brief all of us. See how serious everyone’s faces are? LOL.


I can’t remember why we had our hands up. I think it was something about us understanding what we’re supposed to do or something but still, all da cool people, raise your hands up highhhhhh! RAH RAH!

With everyone all eager and excited, we headed to our hiding places to get ready! The dark clouds and wind dampened my spirit but thank goodness it didn’t rain during the mob itself! Just look at the pantomimes, the crowd and the photographers!

smileQuite cute ah this guy. HAHAH


It’s our cue to strip then do the silent dance! UNFORTUNATELY.. this is where it kinda went down. Lots of the bloggers just stood there but some of them did strip and dance. I stripped but didn’t dance. LOL. The whole thing wasn’t a flash mob anymore, it’s just a huge mob of people in PJs, lol. The place was kinda cramped and small too. 😦 I hope next time the place is like, bigger like the huge space in the middle of vivo city. If people suddenly stripped in to the PJs there, people would really be shocked! Lots of time to improve and we’ll show Singapore what a flash mob is!

Here you go! Watch and see what actually happens. Nevertheless, we all had fun doing something crazy in the middle of Orchard Road!

Headed back to the waiting area then took a really big group photo! All how-many-hundreds of us over there! A stamp-worthy photo okay!


Yeah! On Our Way to The Singapore River Festival!

Eminem – We Made You *New Song!*

I was just listening to Eminem’s old albums when I went to google him and I found out that he’s releasing a new album called Relapse, next month. Like finally, after such a long hiatus.

So anyway, this is the single that he has released and hmm. It’s an interesting song but I kinda miss the angsty Eminem. This one abit too happy but it’s kinda funny LOL.

Guess Who… You Miss me?… Jessica Simpson sing the chorus

Jessica Simpson – (Eminem)
When you walk through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really play you (who can really play you)
We’re the ones who (chicka) made you *cough, cough*

Back by popular demand
Now pop a little zantack for andacity if you can
You’re ready to tackle any task that is at hand
How does it feel, is it fantastic, is it grand?
Well look at all the massive masses in the stands
Shady man… no don’t massacre the fans
Damn, I think Kim Kardashians a man
She stumped just cause he asked to put his hands
On her massive glutious maximus again
Squeeze it, then Squish it, then pass it to her friend
Can he come back as nasty as he can
Yes he can,can, don’t ask me this again
He does not mean to lesbian offend
But Lindsay please come back to seeing men
Samantha’s a 2, Youre practically a 10
I know you want me girl,
In fact I see it when I come in girl

When you walk through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We’re the ones who made you

The enforcer, looking for more women to torture
Walk up to the cutest girl and Charlie Horse her
Sorry Portia, but whats Ellen Degeneres
Have that I don’t, are you telling me tenderness?
Well I can be as gentle and as smooth as a gentleman
Give me my ventolin inhaler and 2 zenedrin
And I’ll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner then
Nail her,’Baby say hello to my little friend’ Brit forget K Fed lets cut off the middle man
Forget him or your gona end up in hospital again
And this time it wont be for the riddle and binge
Forget them other men, girl pay them little attention
A little bit did I mention, that Jennifer’s in love with me John Mayer
So sit on the bench
Man I swear them other guys you give em an inch
They take a mile, they got style bigger than Slim

When you walk through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We’re the ones who made you

And that’s why… my love
You’ll never live without ,
I know you want me girl cause I can see you checking me out
And baby, you know, you know you want me too
Don’t try to deny it baby, I’m the only one for you
Damn girl Im beginning to sprout an Alphalpha
Why should I wash my filthy mouth out
You think that’s bad you should hear the rest of my album
Never has there been so finesse and nostalgia
Man Cash,I don’t mean to mess up your gal but
Jessica Alba put a breast in my mouth but
Wowzers, I just made a mess of my trousers
And they wonder why I keep dressing like Elvis
Lord help us hes back in his pink Alf shirt
Looking like someone shrinked his outfit
I think hes about to flip
Jessica rest assure, Supermans here to rescue ya
Can you blame me?
You’re my Amy, im your Blake
Matter fact make me a birthday cake
With a saw blade in it to make my jail break
Baby, I think you just met your soul mate
(Now break it down girl)

When you walk through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We’re the ones who made you

So baby, baby
Get down, down, down

Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, get down

Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, get down

Oh Amy, Rehab never looked so good,
I can wait, Im going back!! HAHA Whooo!

DR DRE, 2020, Yeah

My Virgin Night Cycling Experience!

Night cycling is fun but horrendously exhausting! My butt aches like no tmr and my whole body is so sore!

Met Emily & Shi Pei first at Bedok then bus-ed to Ryan’s place to meet him! Walked over to ECP and waited at McD for Ummar and as soon as he arrived, we went to rent the bikes. $15 for overnight cycling.

The journey was ardous. I never thought it’ll be this tiring but overall it was a fun experience!

We started of from ECP to Cosy Bay to Marina Square to Timbre to Marina Barrage then back to ECP.

cyc1Our destinations. Btw totally loving this photo collage thing. So convinient! Thx Ryan!

cyc3ShiPei, bike, Emily. 😀

Once we reached Marina Square, we’re all famished! Had Mcdonald’s for supper. NOM NOM! What’s 1000 indian men on a snow mountain? 😉 -rofl-

After that we went to Timbre to catch the live band performing. The band that performed  that night was really good. They don’t have the fake accent most local bands try to go for and it’s very natural. I like! Then there was one point where they were singing a song and  I didn’t know the title so I did what I usually do, note down part of the lyrics so I can google it. Turns out, Ryan was doing the same thing too. Hahah!

There was like alot of Duffy/Amy Winehouse criticism going on and at one point Emily was like, “Who would you rather do? Duffy or Amy?” LOL.


I saw the eskibar that people have been talking about last time. Looks cool! Both literally and uh.. whatever.

Saw lots of people going clubbing too. So many girls dressed skimpily. Tsk tsk..

Lots of water and coke consumed during our journey. The journey to Marina Barrage was quite far. I didn’t know its soooo far inside. We passed by alot of construction area and its quite scary leh. Everywhere got dust, construction and huge machinery!

Marina Barrage is interesting. We didn’t get to go up cos uh, we’re lazy and don’t have that much time? There’s like a lot of Mats there too, so irritating. So we just soaked our feet in the water and lazed around for a while before rushing back so that Ryan can go home. The cycle back was ouch. My butt was hurting too much so we kinda walked alot. When we reached ECP.. you can imagine our (or rather, me and Emily) happiness!

cyc4On our way to Marina Barrage and.. trees at MB. Ha.

Stoned at ECP McD for a while then parked our bikes and train-ed home. A good cold shower never felt so refreshing before! Ahh~

To Hairloom & Caramel!

Finally after 9237849 years I got to meet Intan again! We went to this new cafe I read about in 8 days called Hairloom & Caramel (check out their website btw). Man the place is so pretty and quirky and unique! It’s at Shaw Towers, Level 1.


So colorful! Pretty! Oh it’s a salon too at the other side! Their cost quite ex. Trainee cut your hair costs $20. If I recall correctly, trainees at Pivot Point charge half that price :p


I love all the tables and chairs.. not one furniture is the same. The colours all are really cute! My kinda colours! The decoration also quite cool. The lighting is nice, theres little plants at each table and theres an old dressing table too. Got birdcage as well..

dscf0175And cat ornaments!

dscf0160Meow :3

Yea. So we were here for lunch. Their menu changes everyday! Full list of menu on their blogsite. I had the Thai Green Chicken Curry Pasta with complimentary lemongrass tea which doesn’t quite suit my pallatte. Intan had a Smoked Salmon Salad with some sauce I forgot.


Even the tea cups are cute and unique. LOL!


My really yummy pasta!!  Its really really good. The pasta is done al dente and the curry itself is spectacular! Nice and milky and the flavour is really there. I LOVE this pasta and it’s only $8.50!! Cheaper than pastacrapamania!!

Yes, I really hate Pastamania. Haha.


Intan’s Salmon Salad. Also for $8.50. There’s like LOADS of salmon in there. Fresh thick ones too! Yummy! I don’t like smoked salmon though but it’s still nice.

After that, desserts! I had the Chocolate Caramel and Intan had the Creme Brulee. $3.50 and $4.90 respectively.


MINE! Ok la it’s abit expensive for something so small. Nice to try once. Oh yea the plates and fork is cute.


Ze creme brulee! It’s creamy and sweet.. but also not worth the price. I can make this too. lol.

So that’s the end of the lunch time at Hairloom & Caramel..

Went to bugis street after that to shop shop! Nothing nice there though. Just bought a watch. Intan bought a bag and a skirt :O

Then went to Central at Clarke Quay to see the candy store. Expensive :/ Home after that! 😀


OH YEA! 1 more week to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ concert! Cannot wait!

Virtual Diarrhoea: Of Chalets, Beach Parties and The Ting Tings

Like finally. Time to blog!

Saturday, 10 Jan

Went to Serene’s birthday chalet! Someone’s 21 already! Met up with Jerald and Wilson at City Hall and Andy at Pasir Ris and off we go! Haha the journey to the chalet was funny. Talked about racist stuff, racist jokes..etc. Lol.

Cut the story short, there was alot of guests there, so many different groups of people. Was kinda boring cos no one to really talk to and I don’t really like socialising with people who I wont meet the next time so I just stuck with Andy. Yadda yadda, collected cake, wished the b’day girl happy birthday, bbq-ed some food then I slept like a log cos I had to go to Sentosa the next day. Can you imagine if I was up all night? I’d be dead at Sentosa.

Woke up at 7, took a shower and left, after breakfast (:

Me & Andy. I look tired.

Group photo.

Me & Jerald. Haha he looks like a fish here.

Woo. Grilling chicken thighs. Yummeh.

The guys trying to look badass while cooking hot dogs. RIGHT..

The birthday girl!


Sunday, 11 Jan

Beach party at Sentosa! Met Intan, Ger and Danny at Bedok and we’re off to Sentosa! Haha alot of things happened lah but I’m like so lazy to blog about it. Went to Giant to shop for snacks and lol, we bought cereal and milk. HAHA. Went to the rooftop to chill and camwhore and eat! Shi Pei, Elaine, Ummar and Johan joined in. We lepaked for a while took lots of pictures in an attempt to make a calendar..

Picnic-ing (:

After deciding that the sun is too hot to handle, we went to rot beside the ticketing booth while waiting for Aysh. As usual we camwhored again..

LOL. Goddd my double chin is like damn fugly.

Too many photos seriously..

Finally Aysh came and we set of to the beach! Laid the mat and started to EAT!! Arnold’s chicken is the BEST! Seriously it’s daaaaaaaamn good. *salivates* Played in the water, played in the sand.. lots of passing clouds! Went to the 2 towers to rot there instead and that’s when the fun escalates!

Ummar brought his party box and all the party poppers, streamers, sprays gone loose! LOL!

Haha. The mess was crazy. I got sprayed on by Johan and everybody else got sprayed too.


After all the fun, we decided to pack up and go back to the beach to continue playing in the water! Lots of funny shizz like Ummar throwing sand at Intan, half stripping..etc. HAHA. Well it was a reaaaaally fun Sunday and I hope there’s more outings like this!

HUNDREDS of pictures on facebook, so just click the link to see the hundreds of unglam pictures we took. CLICKY CLICK!

Beach photos part ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!


Monday, 12 Jan

Back to school. Was aching all over! Anyway faci treated us to pizza!! Yum yum!


Tuesday, 13 Jan


The Ting Ting’s concert! I won 2 tickets the other time and I brought Intan along. Not a big fan of them but I must say that her performance is awesome live! Unlike some artistes who can sing well without edits, etc.

The opening act was some MAT band called Force Vomit. LOL Their songs are all very Malay. The lead singer is Malay I think. Dunno.

After some horrible singing by them, WILEY was next! Ok lah them. What Wearing my Rolex la, Money In my Pocket la..


After like 2 hours or so, The Ting Tings finally came! The guy is like so talented la and the girl (HAHAHA damn I don’t even know their names!) has an awesome voice! She was jumpin around here and there full of energy!


I dunno how many songs they played but it all ended pretty early. Went home and supper-ed with Intan before going back home to sleeeeeep!

I’m thinking of going for the Prodigy’s concert next month and GUESS WHAT! Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is coming to SINGAPORE IN MARCH! I’m so excited!!! Been waiting for them to perform in Singapore! WOOHOO!! =D

Anyway I’ll upload more of the concert pics on facebook. LATERS!