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Online Shopping


I can just sit and rot at home and yet spend just by shopping online 😦 lol. Anyhoo, I bought 2 stuffs! A leather case for my Zen Vision and a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus poster!!! 😀

dscf0315000Ooo the packages~! I love receiving packages! Makes me excited!

dscf0318The casing! Baby pink! So pretty ahaha. The only colour the store had =.= Convenient too. Has a slot at the flap where I can just put my ezlink card. Don’t have to take out my wallet AND hold the player at the same time. 😀

dscf0316The poster!! Haha $12 only!! Bought from LAMC’s ebay store. 😀 😀 I’m gonna put a hard backing and paste it up somewhere. RJA <3!

Other RJA merchs I bought after the concert:

dscf03112 pc of stickers: $5
4 small badges: $5

T_T So expensive. But part of the amount goes to the Red Jumpsuit Guardian Angel fund thingy so I suppose it’s ok. Really wanted to get their hoodie but :(. Effing expensive.

That’s all. Work again tmr. And Monday. Tuesday. Here and there. Bleh