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oh em gee, i ate mcdee

Like twice already! One on tuesday and one today. It’s gooood but unhealthy! Even though I only eat once during break 1 which is like at 10.45am, I don’t eat again until 5pm lor so I suppose it’s alright. LOL.

On both days also lepak-ed for a few hours at mcd with Jerald, Joen, Serene and today, Jac (the ah lian :p :o). Haha bitched about so many people and about this classmate who open leg for her boyfriend so she can get branded goods and be totally pampered. Tsk tsk.

School was horrendous today. All these law terms.. 1 day cannot digest lah wtf. And this is just contract law. I can’t imagine if I took a law degree man. I’d be dead by now. >_>” The RJ question today also like omg. Need to do re-reading before I tackle it.

On a happier note, my bursary is endorsed by the school! Now I need to send it to the CC. Hope I get the bursary! It’ll be such a life saver considering that I don’t work already and I have no more moolah.


AAAND OH YEA, we were discussing about having a BBQ at Jerald’s place! Cannot waaait! 😀 I so wanna see his house.

Alright off to do my RJ and touch up on my report. Tata.