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Heart Grenade

Hey oh!

It’s been a week ever since Green Day’s concert! For most people, they would have continued their normal lives but somehow I haven’t! I don’t know why I’m so deeply affected by the concert, lol. Even RJA’s concert was this affecting (?). Man. Spent the past few days reading more about GD and watching their youtube videos. Haha. I will do a proper review of the concert tmr, or you can always read Straits Times’ review (link on my twitter).

So I was bored yesterday and I felt inspired to draw. I seldom feel inspired to draw y’know? As you might have guessed, I drew the heart grenade. Not easy thing to draw ok! Took HOURS to draw and colour it. Drew it at around 3am-6am. Went to sleep. Woke up at 2pm and coloured till 10.30pm, with breaks and doing nothing in between. I have to say this is my best artwork yet, considering I don’t draw a lot. Hehe.

NICE OR NOT? NICE RIGHT! I know. I’m pretty amazed myself. I feel like laminating it. LOL! Drawn using pencil, lined using a sharpie then coloured in using 0.7mm red and black pens. Man. I want a GD poster nownownow. Wanted to draw the heart grenade on my green sneakers too, maybe later or something. heh.

Can’t wait to try out Wendy’s tmr and hope I have a good time in class! Fav module. FYP meeting after that though -_-” what a way to end the day.

Zoom zoom! LOL