Mass Order:!

Hi all,

Welcome to the Mass Order for FOOTSHOPPING.COM

Footshopping stocks Birkenstocks, Papillios, Tatamis, and other footwear at prices that are much cheaper than those sold in Singapore.

Terms and Conditions

1. Will be an ongoing MO, orders will be sent everytime $290 is reached to qualify for free shipping.
2. 100% deposit required for all orders.
3. All prices of footwear will be rounded up per footwear for easier record keeping.
4. In the unfortunate event that the order fails to materialize, full refunds will be made.
5. Stocks expected to arrive by maximum 3 weeks after the order is sent out.
6. Collection will be done at Pioneer MRT when stocks arrived.
7. Delivery to your choice of MRT available at $3 surcharge.
8. Postage available, paid by you.
9. No responsibility will be taken for flaws or problems with your product after the meetup is over, be sure to check your items during the meetup!
10. All instock items on available for order.


Handling fee: $3
Shipping: FREE!

Due to the possible currency fluctuation, you might have to top up if there is any difference based on what my credit card charges. Invoice will be shown. Also, in case there is a GST charge, it will be divided equally. Top ups will be done during meet up.

How to Order:

Send me an EMAIL at fudgiepuppy [at] with the following details.

Contact Number:

Image URL of Item:
Item Name:
Email: (Impt!)

Orders will be done in batches. Orders per batch will be limited to $290.

All communication will be done via email because it’s easier and less messy. Check email for updates. You can also SMS me at 98784907 for faster replies. You will be informed when items arrived.

Payment is only to be done via iBanking. Account number will be given when price is finalized.

PS: I will be going to Shanghai on the 20th Sept – 25th, so if your items arrive during 1 of those days, I can only pass it to you on the 26th onwards. If you are okay with this, then happy shopping! 😀


Batch #1

Do_As_Infinity (Gizeh Mocca, Birk Flor/Regular, Size 43) $91 Deposit PAID



  Jurlique wrote @

You can leave a comment or sms me for any enquiries! =)

  fatfartmel wrote @

hey the first mo batch 1 taking so long ah?

  Jurlique wrote @

Oh sorry I didn’t update here cos no one ordered thru my blog.

More updates here:

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