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Heart Grenade

Hey oh!

It’s been a week ever since Green Day’s concert! For most people, they would have continued their normal lives but somehow I haven’t! I don’t know why I’m so deeply affected by the concert, lol. Even RJA’s concert was this affecting (?). Man. Spent the past few days reading more about GD and watching their youtube videos. Haha. I will do a proper review of the concert tmr, or you can always read Straits Times’ review (link on my twitter).

So I was bored yesterday and I felt inspired to draw. I seldom feel inspired to draw y’know? As you might have guessed, I drew the heart grenade. Not easy thing to draw ok! Took HOURS to draw and colour it. Drew it at around 3am-6am. Went to sleep. Woke up at 2pm and coloured till 10.30pm, with breaks and doing nothing in between. I have to say this is my best artwork yet, considering I don’t draw a lot. Hehe.

NICE OR NOT? NICE RIGHT! I know. I’m pretty amazed myself. I feel like laminating it. LOL! Drawn using pencil, lined using a sharpie then coloured in using 0.7mm red and black pens. Man. I want a GD poster nownownow. Wanted to draw the heart grenade on my green sneakers too, maybe later or something. heh.

Can’t wait to try out Wendy’s tmr and hope I have a good time in class! Fav module. FYP meeting after that though -_-” what a way to end the day.

Zoom zoom! LOL


Life’s Mundane

As per title. Life’s pretty mundane. School. Home. Work. Eat. Sleep. Bleh. That’s why I haven’t been updating, because there’s nothing to update, lol.

It’s almost the end of november, omg. So fast. Soon it’s december, and then it’s x’mas then it’s new year. Another year. More things to experience..

I wish I have someone to celebrate new year with. I don’t seem perfect for anyone.




I’ve like posted this everywhere.

I am that excited but I don’t care!

Tickets will be out in 2 days. Gig is on Jan 14! 2 prices I think, $88 and $128 from Sistic.

This is gonna be my belated B’day present! Woooohoo!


Memory Lane

I went to my abandoned Frienster account to search for a photo to show a friend when I started to see each photo one by one. I was instantly reminded of the good old days with my sec school bestie Prerna and of course, my habbo friends.

The pictures of us so happy together, playing, eating and having fun together. I miss them.

Hahahah look at the food la!! And that’s Ummar hahaha.

There’s alot of pictures, like the first time I met Ummar (LOL) and we ate at some Indon restaurant at Suntec City with GI, RF and I cannot remember who already. Oh man, the first time I saw Ummar, I thought he looked like a Malay version of Eminem because of his dog tag and botak hair HAHAHAH.

Hehehe dd (:

Then there’s also a picture of us at Junction 8 I think, with Danny, Matt, dd and Aysh, where we went to eat Sushi and then on to the arcade to play. I could still fit in my spongebob shirt then. I’m too fat now 😦

Of course there’s also the one when dd and Izzat came to my house to play sparklers! Omg that was epic and of course, fun! So many pictures we took of us happy together, smiling from end to end.

Besides that, there’s the picture of us with some pink Pig at VivoCity. And the time we went to Aysh’s house for her birthday. It was a mini party, with cakes, good food and of course, great company.

Super blur pic 😡

Oh! And the day Ummar brought us to Marina Pier. It was a beautiful night really and the place was just awesome, even though I remember Ummar being emo-ish that day. o.O

This was the first day of school!

And haha, I stumbled upon my year 1 pictures with my classmates last time. Damn I wasn’t so fat! LOL. My dressing sense totally changed compared then.

The good old days.. there’s so much story in just a photo album. If only I can go back in time..


I’ve been sick for 4 days now and I feel so miserable. Stupid high fever, flu, cough, muscle ache, runny nose then blocked nose, sore throat, eyeball pain, headache.. everything’s there. To make it worse, yeah fuck my period came too. What the hell. And I went to work ytd like that. No one notice, no one cared. Stupid supervisor also like dont give a fuck. I was leaning against the shelf because I’m tired and all she does is stare at me and warned me to stand up straight. Fuck. I hate the people there.. heartless people. The only one who’s being nice was William the new guy at the other counter. Thanks dude.

Besides this shitty sickness, I suck. I haven’t gone out to relax or enjoy myself at all this month. When I have work, people ask me out. When I don’t have work, ok got people ask me out also but I’m sick. Like last Sunday, my colleague’s wedding and Matthew’s birthday. Wanted to go but I wasn’t feeling good at all so I had to skip it. Then today when I’m supposed to go out with Intan.. haiz. Last minute thing crop up and here I am rotting at home feeling miserable and upset and angry. Just when I thought  I finally had time to go out.

Tmr I still have work and I dunno how am I gonna cope. I think if I died no one even cares.

I have this strange feeling that someone cursed me, seriously.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @)(#*$)(@#*$# whats wrong with me??????