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Virtual Diarrhoea: Of Harry Potter, Burger King & RP Ignite 09

Truth to be told, I’m quite lazy to update the blog. Nothing much going on, just regular school and stoning at home. Boring!

So anyhoo, I actually watched Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince this week. Quite alright but it is certainly lacking in a lot of things. And where is Dumbledore’s funeral?? You can’t just leave Dumbledore’s death hanging in the movie like that! Pooh.

And since when does popcorn and coke cost $7? Such a ripoff. Exactly why I hate going to the movies. Well at least the ticket was cheap. :/ I’m cheap, so shuddup.

*disappears to do random things*

K, back.  Had lunner with Firdaus at Causeway point after school. Walked around and did random stuff.


And now, the main part of the post, IGNITE! 09. It’s a music event held at my school. Wasn’t expecting to go until I heard the rehearsal. Linkin Park cover! Of course I had to go, so I dragged Firdaus down.

Thanks for the 2 epok epok, ice cream and ice cream soda drink, in return for my Insominatic CD. I won a 987fm goodie bag from Soo for answering some question. Damn funny.

Bottle, notebook, decal, phone charm and the CD. I wished they put better cd inside but, beggars can’t be choosy!

I’m so glad I stood front row because the moshpit was crrrrazyyy. I got squashed so many times and it didn’t really help with the so many DSLRs poking here and there. Seriously, whats with people and DSLRs? So cool to have them meh?

Alright, I’m lazy to type and I’m out of brain juice to I’m just going to post pictures.

DSC00055Soo with cameltoe emcee, ahbeng emcee and the onl good emcee for the day. Cameltoe girl shouldn’t wear tights as pants. Do the math.


First band. I forgot their name. Quite boring songs.

DSC00059 He looks like mas selamat, ha.

DSC00061RP band, Heregoesnoth!ng. They are pretty good! I like.

DSC00067Super cute pianist. I like guys who can play the piano. 😀

DSC00072Another RP band, Qovein. Damn the girl lead vocalist is GOOD. Super clear voice and the band is not bad either. Love their LP performance!

:D! Jumping and screaming makes one’s face glow. Go away facial creams! Lol.

Didn’t really take pictures of the other bands. There was Caracal, 53A (horribly boring band, but rocked when the sang Pretty Fly (For a White guy) and A Vacant Affair. God I left during AVA’s performance. Super loud and not so nice songs, don’t know why everyone there was anticipating them. I wanted to go for Day 2 because The Great Spy Experiment was gonna perform but was too lazy to leave the house. 😦

More pictures here: here.

That was my week. Rotting at home watching How I Met Your Mother (awesome show, go watch!) and doing nothing else. Bah. 2 weeks left till I have to hand in my FYP report. It’s 80% done. EEK.

And and and, I have no idea what to choose for my Freely Chosen Module. Anthropology Studies or Dietary Supplement (F&N)? I can have a head start for DS but AS sounds so much interesting. GAH. DECISIONS x3. Damn!


Video Games Live!


HEHEHEH got stuff again. Got the Asience shampoo+conditioner after using it once and it’s goood. Also got the St Ives apricot scrub and some more masks :p Best thing is? What you see there is all freee!! Woot.

Main point of the post, VGL! Video Games Live! A full concert orchestra performing theme songs from various video games including Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and lots more. LIKE OMG I so want to go. I hope I win tickets on that Starhub contest thing! Been watching the performance on Youtube and I am like wow-ed. It’s like a band concert.. only better.

Tickets are like $55 onwards on Sistic.. don’t know whether should I buy or not. The concert is less than a month’s time hmmm. Tempting!

More info here:

Anyone going and can bring me along? HAHA! 😀

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus LIVE in Singapore: 10 March!

Like oh my coconut balls. Yesterday’s concert was superly mindblowingly awesome!! Best concert I’ve ever gone to. Well of course la, I’m a big crazy fan of RJA!!

It was held at D’Marquee @ Downtown East. Initially I thought it was a small place but damn it’s big! And airconditioned also so thats a  plus plus so nobody can smoke there! It’s so irritating when people smoke at gigs like this.. So anyhoo, I reached the queue at 7pm.

I took like 100+ pictures so I’m only gonna post some. The rest is at my facebook so check it out.

The queue quite long. Took me 1/2 hrs to get in. There was this bunch of girls infront of me and god I couldn’t stand them. Their fake ang moh accents so irritating.


The set for A Vacant Affair, the opening band.

The crowd! A lot of angmohs there.

A Vacant Affair.  Their songs is rather errr. Not my type.

The guitarist for AVA. Damn cute! Looks like my classmate Ian.

Somewhere in the middle there was crowd surfing. LOL for a while only.

FINALLYYY!!! RJA! ❤ ❤ ❤ love of my life! LOL! I wonder why Ronnie wore that outfit. It’s like so singaporean fashion. I hate his tight pants, so gay. Wonder how his little brother was breathing in there. LOL!

Ronnie kept doing that little odd dance. Hahah it was damn funny la.

Ronnie Winter! Hahah look at the second picture, his privates area. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

The crowd! Woohoo heart pumping!

This bearded guy threw his pic at my direction! BUT MY FINGERS SLIPPED THE PICK. So angry sia. Donno which bastard got the pick now! >: ( Haizz. 😦

So they played like 12 songs? Lemme try to recall. You Better Pray, Pen & Paper, Pull Me Back (loved the guitar solo. I was singing and jumping and screaming like crazy.) from the new album Lonely Road. In Fate’s Hands, Justify, Waiting, Cat & Mouse, False Pretense, Damn Regret, Face Down, Your Guardian Angel, & Grim Goodbye for closing.  1 hour only, sadly. I was hoping they’d play Represent or Misery Loves It’s Company. Apparently the crowd was high only during Face Down & Guardian Angel, expected. I sang along for most of the songs, some I couldn’t remember the lyrics 😛

Embarrassing happened before Your Guardian Angel. Ronnie played a few songs from other bands for us all to guess but no body responded. LOL poor Ronnie. I think he was like “WTF?” so he went to to play YGA. Lol. LOVE the crowd during that song. ❤

So they played Grim Goodbye for the last song and then that’s it! I wanted to buy the RJA T-Shirt but hell it was so fucking expensive, even though some of the money goes to their Red Jumpsuit Guardian Angel charity thing. $45 for a thin shirt? $80 for a hoodie? SIGH. I loved the shirts but too expensive.. So i bought 2pc of sticker and badges instead and that alone costed me $10. Nevermind, at least got some remembrance. I’ll just order their merchs online :p Got bag also!

Did I tell you Aysh caught the drumstick they threw to the crowd? Luckyyyyyyyyy. I get to carass and hug it though HAHAHA. And camwhore with it! ❤

The HOLY DRUMSTICK! Not new one ok! The one Jon Wilkes (drummer) used during the concert ok! OMG!


Sorry small picture 😦

Us 3 with the stick! Aysh, Fiza and MEEE!

CERTAINLY THE BEST BEST BESTEST NIGHT EVER! Long live RJA! Just don’t sell out like LP and I’ll love you guys forever!

Old picture haha, now 4 members only but wth! RED JUMPSUIT!!!!!!!

MORE PICTURES HERE: CLICK ME (Dont steal my pictures!)