Me and my whaaaa?

Hello! Haha. As some of you might know, I’ve recently won an LV bag from nuffnang and when I saw my friend Mabel won a Nintendo Wii on, I was like, woah this thing is real. So I joined in and was required to tweet about it. Then my other friend Ummar replied me..

Hahaha. This got me reflecting on what my “schemes” were. I did not get rich but I did win quite a lot of stuffs before. Lemme try to recall.

– There was the first contest where I won a The Click Five CD, but I didn’t collect cos I was too lazy.
– First MAJOR big prize, thanks to HP and Waggner Edstrom: a HP Touchsmart computer.

– A pair of tickets to The Ting Tings concert from 987fm

– 6 tickets to MCR’s concert album preview from 987fm

– $50 consolation prize from Nuffnang

– A pair of the body show tickets from 987fm

– A pair of tickets to watch Fantastic Mr Fox from 987fm

– The latest one, a Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull PM handbang from Nuffnang.

Haha okay can say I’m lucky ah, but from the LV bag one I had to post very unflattering pictures of me one ok. HAHA. Well, next is the Garmin-Asus navigation phone from Nuffnang contest..but I’m out of creativity juice to do a blog post for that. Meh!


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