What up.

A totally random pic to beautify this long wordy post.

Yoyoyo. Suddenly feel like blogging after blog hopping here and there. Stupid sia I skipped school today because I tired. WOKE UP ON TIME..then decided to sleep in. Stupid daily morning debate whether to go to school or not.

So anyweiii, gotta go to Jerald’s house tmrw for FYP. BOOHOO. And still got work at 7pm-11pm some more. Yes! I now working at Teadot@Iluma. Damn cool okay, want tea or kopi please come drink at Teadot. Nice drinks and ambience, go away Starbucks. 😀

Right. I kinda lost my train of thought for the moment..

OH YES! I remember now. I am like so happy and kenot wait for 7th December onwards. You know why?

Because imma go collect my LV bag! Win from nuffnang!! Downside is I dunno what model the bag is. What if it’s some ugly bag. HAHA I hope it’s the Neverfull bag or something. Cannot be speedy because that one too expensive. I think it’s around the price range of $800 onwards, skali when I go collect it turns out to be some small purse. That would be damn sad haha.

Want to blog frequently also very lazy, nothing to blog about lah. School and work only, I also didn’t blog about my birthday you know. This year abit sad ah, not much presents HAHAHA.

And also, I’ve been reading blogs where the bloggers got their cheques from nuffnang! So sad wordpress doesn’t support javascript, cheesepie. I only got $1.95 lor, still long way to go to reach $100. 😦 A bit dumb to pay for server so I can put the nuffnang ad widget right?? If I do get a domain and server I think I’d be paying about $5-$12 a month. Boo lah boo. Maybe I shall move back to blogger but blogger sucks!

Ok I’ve been jumping from topic to topic. This is the last one.

I want to earn money!! I wanna try to do an advertorial! Cheap cheap also can. hahah

Alright bye.


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