Summary of the past two weeks.

I’m so lazy to update. I’m only updating because my blog looks so plain and stagnant and boring. Okay.

17 Oct 09

I skipped school for two days. LOL. Because Emily came to SG! Had a BBQ for her! Lotsa people came. Fun! Preparation was D: So many things happened. Chicken? Secret Sauce. 😀

Ooh setting up the bbq was sooo..


It was awesum. When the others went home, Intan, Ryan, Danny and me stayed back. Slept under the beautiful stars. Played card games. Love!


18 Oct 09

Met them again for dinner at rex. Rotted at Timbre..went to Keppel Bay after that. Played I never and Heart Attack. Those games are really LOL. I’m like the major loser ): Played till 2am-ish and Ummar sent everyone home. Haha it was dejavu. Wrong way and getting lost while sending me back. >_>

23 Oct 09

Went to Gym with Ayshie and Intan after school. First time, haha. Intimidating, all the guys and their muscles. But okay la. I shall try going to the women’s gym near my house. 😀 Went to BBQ Chicken after that, LOL totally defeat the purpose I know. Tried frolicks, fell in love with frozen yoghurt! ❤

A few days ago..

Met Intan and went to Haji Lane/Bugis. Ate at some moroccan restaurant at Bussorah St. Not bad! Quite nice. Love the bread and hummus. After that we went to every little shop house to have a look see. Not bad ah the stuff but some very expensive. I like how some of the shops have a cat. SO CUTE. :>


Intan woke me abruptly to ask if I wanna go eat Sashimi. OF COURSE I WANT AH. OMG I WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN. The hotate, takoyaki and everything ese was sooo goood. Esp that orange paste thing on top of the hotate and sotong. ORGASMIC!! The takoyaki was so cripsy some more. Want to go there agaaaain!

Had frolicks again. 😀 Walked around Tamp 1 and had to wait 2 hours for a customer to collect her headphones -.-


Gonna go to the Vet tmrw for Teager’s booster shot. And then it’s school again. 😦 I need a job.


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