My good pren vicky.

This video is super hilarious. I’ve watched it so many times and I still laugh like crazy.

My mom was pretty offended though, LOL.

L O Fucking L.

Anyway. I’ve been rotting at home since school holidays. Nothing much to do and no job because the stupid people I email to never get back to me. Adelina also haven’t got back to me yet. 😦 Boohoo.

I can’t wait for my Shanghai trip though, 15 more days~!!! Woohooz.



  slackerco93 wrote @

Hey. i’m a fellow blogger who is using wordpress.
I found your blog at nuffnang and i was wondering how you could put nuffnang ads in your website? Because i couldn’t put the codes inside my sidebar T_T

  Jurlique wrote @


It’s just an image linking to NN website. lol
wordpress sucks for not allowing to put javascript ;(

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