Seoul Garden’s Camwhorers

I cannot think of a good title. Lol.


Went to Seoul Garden last Tuesday to take advantage of the ladies nite offer. 50% off! Quite worth it.

Litez gang was there – Aysh, Intan, Ryan, ShiPei, Ummar, Danny, Johan and me! It’s been a while since I met all of them.

Lots of chit chat and stuff.. funny part was when Ryan purposely dropped the tongs so that the staff can change to a new one. LOL. “Oh no!”

And you know why in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the part where Dumbledore drank the potion to retrieve the Horcrux? Well. That potion was no ordinary potion. It’s potion pedas, that’s why Dumbledore needed water.

Potion consists of chocolate, spinach noodles, egg, apples, pineapple and alot of nonsense.


Went to the staircase area infront of Esplanade to rot, and we took a hell lot of pictures!

Gangster 5 sen. HAHAHAHAH.

We made an animated picture thingy. Very cool hahaha, too bad I wasn’t in it cos I was the photographer.

Hahha I think this was awesome. I like!

Too many pictures.. visit the facebook album here if you wanna see the pictures!


Anyway, I wanna change blog theme but the others are so ugly. I don’t like white backgrounds. Pfft, I want my own server and domain D:

And also! 2 Understanding Tests down! I think I did well for the 2 papers. Wait till result come out skali different so I don’t want to have high expectations. 2 more to go!


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