Trip To The Vet

Teager, my cat, had diarrhoea + blood so I brought him to Vet Practice today, at Bukit Timah. Poor cat, he was so scared he actually perspired and shivered, lol.

The doctor, Dr. Felicia Lu, gave him 2 injections and 1 deworming pill. I was surprised he didn’t jump and run away or something, lol. In the end, he got 3 types of pills. Probiotics, antibiotics and poo firming pills.


The vet fees are pretty reasonable actually. Was expecting like so much more because of the 2 injections. Their charges for vaccine and sterilization was reasonable too. ‘Spose I’d be heading back there next month or something to get him vaccinated and sterilized. 😀


Can you spot them?



  Ariane wrote @

Omg your kats are damn kute!!! :> are they better now? haha how’ve you been! It’s been years nowzzz.

  Jurlique wrote @

hello ariane 😀

yeh they’re better now. and i’ve been the same as usual :p

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