What a dream.

I think the H1N1 thing going on has finally fucked my brain, especially when my school has the highest amount of infected. Highest cluster now. -.-

Moving on to the dream…

I had class but for some reason it was in the driver cabin of an MRT train. It was my Cold Chain Mgmt class because there was a fridge in the middle of the cabin. There wasn’t any seats so I decided to sit on top of the fridge and failed, lol. Luckly the other classmates made way for me to sit. Sat beside this guy who was wearing a red cap.

Lesson commenced and then it was lunch time. I opened the food I packed and then suddenly, the train jerked and I spilled my food. (LOL I KNOW) Pissed, I went to the main cabin of the train and got a shock of my life.

The windows were tinted, the cabin lights are yellow and everyone was cowering in fear. There were officials who were interrogating the passengers, passengers who coughed or sneezed the slightest bit. They were then injected by some medicine. Even the kids weren’t spared. They sat one corner crying. I was just standing there awfully shocked.

Oddly when I checked my laptop, there was a virus installed in my computer, tracking every single thing I do. I couldn’t stop it, it had total control of me.

Everything went fuzzy after that and I woke up. Damn weird dream please! :S


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