Cat Show @ Jurong Point

TGIF again! Haven’t been blogging because I’ve nothing to blog about and school has been a bitch. 9 H1N1 cases in my school already. I’d be damned if I contract that disease.

Anyway. Went to a cat show at Jurong Point last Saturday. Bumped into TeddybearTerrorist. Haven’t seen her for very long ever since I quit STOMP Talkback. Hur.

The cat show was for domestic cats. I wanted to bring my Teager to join but he hasn’t got his flu jab and I don’t want him to infect/get infected by the other cats there.

catAs usual, click to enlarge pictures.

Judges are 2 Cat Welfare people and Melody Chen. Host was Angela May who I’ve no idea who. I like the stage though, so cute. It’ll be cool to have that grey cat plastered on my wall.

And now I present the 12 cats in the show!


Cat no. 1 is cute. Looks like a Singapura cat or a Siamese mix.
Cat no. 2 is an adorable tabby. I love her colour.
Cat no. 3.. I don’t know the breed but it was very scared lol.
Cat 4 and 5 is your normal tabby cat too. The brown one has a heart shaped marking on his body!
Cat no. 6 is an orange tabby much like garfield, wearing a cute shirt.


Same orange cat. Cute right? Like the owner!! HAHAHA.
Cat no. 7 is super cute! Fat orange cat wearing a karate costume!
Cat no 8 is also orange, wearing a singlet thing.
Cat no. 9 is your regular cat.
Cat no 10 is horribly shy. Show backside only but the face is super cute. I think it’s a ragdoll lor! But the owner didn’t know.
Lastly, cat no. 11. Very young.

After the judging and all.. I left. It was kinda boring already and it’s 11pm! There was a pet supplies sale but so limited items. -_-”


Had dinner at Sakae Sushi today. I seriously should get a membership card. I eat at Sakae like every fortnight. I should be an ambassador! LOL. I think I didn’t fill my quota of 15 or more plates today. Felt so full quite quickly. TGIF anyway. Long needed rest. Zzz.


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