Nuffnang- SingTel Blogging Contest: I wish I had Internet at..

Before I start, I don’t think I need to go online when I’m at the beach. I’m there to soak up the sun! ^_^

So anyway, the place I wish I had internet connection is…



wait for it..




public toilets!

LOLOMG(Click on image to enlarge please!)

At any moment there’s no toilet paper to wipe my backside, I can go online on my laptop (it’s with me 24/7 and it’s going to die soon :() or my handphone so I can ask someone to bring me a roll of toilet paper. HAHAHA. I can always count on my MSN buddies to get toilet paper for me!

The BBoM Youth Plans are awesome! Only $24.65 a month from the usual $29.00 and you get a download speed of 1.5Mbps, upload speed of 384kbps AND 50gb of monthly local data!

To top it off, FREE security suit to ensure safety while surfing!

I love the portability! Internet everywhere. 😀 Can read blogs, ICHC and FML while doing ‘biz’ in toilet. 😛

Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit for details.


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