BBQ/Pool Partay~!

Ah my daily readership dropping like rotten coconuts. 😦 Most of my hits come from google searches and the 2-3 people who always reads my blog LOL.

Last week was rather eventful. I hate rotting at home with nothing to do. Went grocery shopping on Wednesday for the BBQ supplies. I love grocery shopping.

We bought like 4kg of chicken, hot dogs, crab meat, prawns, corn and Jerald’s mom bought more prawn, hot dog and even sliced beef for us, which tasted really yummy by the way.

So finally, on Friday we crashed Jerald’s house 🙂


Ugh okay the picture is horribly small. I’m starting to hate this blog theme but wordpress doesn’t have anymore nicer ones 😦 I want my own domain.

Right, before I go out of topic, I must gush about Jerald’s house and room.

IT’S SO NICE AND BIG AND COMFY. I love his house! Haha. Anyway that’s Jerald with Joen in the picture.


Camwhore! 😀 Jerald’s the tall giant among us. Jac is like half his height HAHAHHA. Ahem. His sister is so innocent and adorable 😀


We head down to the bbq pit! The whole pool area is reserved for us. 😀 AWESOME. So yea, setting up of the bbq! And our foooood. I love food. CHICKEN! BEEF! No wonder I’m fat.

bbq4Jerald & Joen. Aren’t they a cute couple. 😛

I realize I didn’t take pics of the food being bbq-ed. Hands dirty + lazy. HEH. I went in the water eventually because it looks so alluring and irresistible.  Look at the water!

The pool is like uber deep too, up till 2m? Jerald made me float in the middle of the 2m side and it was effing scary because I was so scared of drowning. I was fine after that though cos it was rather fun. xD

bbq5Swim swim swim clear blue waterssssss~!

bbq6The unglamorous group photo. Click to enlarge.

Since it’s a condo bbq, there’s time limits 😦 Until 10pm and we have to clear up. SAD much! Went up and bid Jac, Serene and Zack good bye cos they couldn’t sleep over. Took a shower, ate some soup and hit the sack! Tired sia.

Woke up at 10am the next day and had a relatively nice leftover breakfast hahaha then went back to bed after that -_-” Headed home around 4pm. 🙂 I love bbqs with awesome people! More sleepovers next time! ❤


Met Intan for dinner today at IMM. Spaghetti Too again after a long time. Seafood pizza! Pizza is awesome minus the mussels. GOD I HATE MUSSELS. Can’t believe there’s actually a food item that I hate. Brr those things give me hell.

1815_zenz1-4Bought a mouse too since mine died. $10.90 at Challanger, yay for member discounts! Pretty nice mouse. Bought the Charcoal mask and a collar for Teager at Daiso. I LOVE DAISO! I want to go there again! Time flies when you’re having fun. Intan had to go home and well the shops are closing anyway.  I want to shop again. INTAN THURSDAY OK?

I need a hard disk to store my videos and pictures! My laptop is running out of space! Anyone kind enough to sponsor meeee? HAHAH. IT Show coming but it’s gonna be crowded as hell. 😦 Bah!

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