toothy issues


Ugh. I didn’t know dental treatments can be so expensive! Haven’t gone for dental checkups ever since I graduated from secondary school so I went for the one RP had. Of all dentists they had to bring a private dentist. $96 gone to scaling, polishing and filling a hole in my molar. Good thing the dentist is so nice! But bad thing is, my bottom wisdom tooth are decaying so I have to pull them out soon..-.-”

Anyways, met Intan for dinner at Lucky Plaza yesterday. Wanted to visit Isetan after a long time. Can’t believe I actually miss that place. Still the same, cept that my counter is no longer there. =( Then went to Far East to have a look-see. Nothing much also, all the typical fashion trends that Singaporeans follow are sold there. What pisses me off is that, there are so many imitation Threadless tees being sold there! SO much for originality and uniqueness. Am not buying threadless unless there’s a sale. 😦

It’s so hard to find unique stuff in Singapore. Everyone follows the lame trends that come and go and everyone ends up looking the same. YAWN much.


Oh. Bought some masks there. $1 each, cheaper than watson’s or guardian. Just wore one, quite good me thinks! Gonna buy more!

And lastly, a video that lots of RP students need to watch. I’ms so sick of poorly done powerpoints!


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