omming and nomming

Om nom nom.

I want to declare my love for food.

Anyway, went to eat at Sakae again after school on Friday together with Jerald, Joen & Jac. LOL I just realised all of them have names that start with J. -_-

Been craving for chawanmushi and tofu for a very long time and finally got to satisfy it man~! Sakae student bufet is so good. I think we ate like 60 plates altogether. Damn worth it. Can you imagine, 60 x 2.29? That’s like, $137 without taxes. We only paid like.. $70+? HAH.


That’s just 1/3 or 1/4 of the total number of plates. MMMM I wanna eat at Sakae again. LoL. Lots of bitching and gossip again while eating. Jerald’s sister joined us afterwards. Me thinks she’s cool, not like typical girls you see around. Oh yeh, Serene and her bf and friend joined too.

Since it was Friday, there was lots of people at Plaza Sing.. wanted to chill at Starbucks or TCC but no space so we went home after that. ): Hmm ate dinner outside like thrice in a week. Pocket got hole.


Then yesterday, went to eat dimsum for dinner. Yum. I love siew mai, prawn dumpling and luo mai kai. *drools* It was supposed to be a treat for mom for mothers day and her b’day but she didn’t eat much -_-”


Century egg porridge (not that nice actually), thai fish head (GOOOOD!) and some of the dim sums. I feel hungry already.


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