bungle wungle boogie woogie

I feel so untouched
That I want you so much
That I just can’t resist you
It’s not enough to say that I miss you.


About time I update huh. Went to Woodlands library last Sunday to sell 2 books and then meet Fir to study. LOL yeah, study. I wanted to do notes for my 6Ps but end up I do abit only cos most of the time we were listening to Lady Gaga, chatting, laughing and camwhoring.

Camwhoring with my laptop. So retarded haha. Fir looks like he got constipation in the first pic 😀


Had to go to school today for some FYP thing. Super waste time imo. Rushed to school and then the stupid run through about the FYP thing was 1 hour only. Then we proceeded to do our template. The most frustrating thing is that we had to wait 1 hour to get our template checked AND THE STUPID FACILITATOR JUST CHECK FOR 1 MIN OR LESS. Nabei wait so long in the end the review like that only. knn!

Feeling frustrated + hungry is nawt a good thing so we went to AMK hub to meet Serene and Zack for Lunner. That’s Lunch+Dinner for you. I wanted to eat sushi initially but they settled for New York New York so I had no choice 😦


Jerald’s garlic bread, Joen’s mushroom soup and Zack’s mussel. GOD I HATE MUSSELS THAT TASTE LIKE SHIT. And Intan says zhut zhut taste like shit -.-” lol. Mine’s the baked half chicken and the cherry on top drink. 😀 yum yum.

Jerald and Joen seemed amazed at my ability to eat the chicken using fork and spoon so effortlessly. It takes MAD SKILLZ hahaha.

Trained home after that. I don’t get the point of the train terminating at Yishun. Redundant and waste time zzz.

Sigh another long day tmr. Stupid FYP.

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