Memory Lane

I went to my abandoned Frienster account to search for a photo to show a friend when I started to see each photo one by one. I was instantly reminded of the good old days with my sec school bestie Prerna and of course, my habbo friends.

The pictures of us so happy together, playing, eating and having fun together. I miss them.

Hahahah look at the food la!! And that’s Ummar hahaha.

There’s alot of pictures, like the first time I met Ummar (LOL) and we ate at some Indon restaurant at Suntec City with GI, RF and I cannot remember who already. Oh man, the first time I saw Ummar, I thought he looked like a Malay version of Eminem because of his dog tag and botak hair HAHAHAH.

Hehehe dd (:

Then there’s also a picture of us at Junction 8 I think, with Danny, Matt, dd and Aysh, where we went to eat Sushi and then on to the arcade to play. I could still fit in my spongebob shirt then. I’m too fat now 😦

Of course there’s also the one when dd and Izzat came to my house to play sparklers! Omg that was epic and of course, fun! So many pictures we took of us happy together, smiling from end to end.

Besides that, there’s the picture of us with some pink Pig at VivoCity. And the time we went to Aysh’s house for her birthday. It was a mini party, with cakes, good food and of course, great company.

Super blur pic 😡

Oh! And the day Ummar brought us to Marina Pier. It was a beautiful night really and the place was just awesome, even though I remember Ummar being emo-ish that day. o.O

This was the first day of school!

And haha, I stumbled upon my year 1 pictures with my classmates last time. Damn I wasn’t so fat! LOL. My dressing sense totally changed compared then.

The good old days.. there’s so much story in just a photo album. If only I can go back in time..


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