I can haz shopping plz?

Finally after procrastinating, I went to shop for new stuffs for school. New term, new stuffs! Haha. Went to Boon Lay Shopping Center to get my white sneakers. Haven’t been there for super duper long! Used to go there everytime after primary school ends last time 😛 Since I was there, I went to the pet shop to have a look-see. They don’t carry the brand I’m feeding Teager -_-. So I just bought kitty litter.

I found out that I can’t shop as long as want to like last time, 5-6hrs walking around also can. Now 3-4 hours only I get tired hahaha. Jurong Point also nothing much to see. Wanted to go City Hall or Vivo but lazy + far.

So after few hours of walking around, these are my loot!

dscf0006Lump of mess!


I bought white sneakers + brown/pink laces. Wanted green but they didn’t have. There was this really nice yellow.. dunno why I didn’t buy it. =.=

$10 for 5 colourful socks, I like! And that bag. Nice bags are like so difficult to find because it’s either expensive or just.. non existant. Everyone was like selling those stupid bagpacks that everyone has. Well mine kinda looks like those “unique” bagpacks but it isnt. It’s different.. only the design hahaha but then again I doubt this design is common either, so yeah!

For the uninitiated, those are kitty prints. And ugh I hate the chain thing on the bag. Gonna remove it like, asap.

There was 2 other bags I liked but no.1, 1 of them is the common bagpack design. It’s super colourful and I love it but ughhh common. no. 2, also colourful but checkered. A bit small for me. So I went for this black and white one.. to kinda counter my colourful feet + shirts hahaha.

I also bought 2 bras HAHAHA.. ahem. And food :D~

piz1While roaming around, I saw Cold Storage selling pizza! $6 only ok! So worth it! I LOVE CHEESE! I wanna eat more pizza!!!!!

I spent like $100 today sia. Then again I seldom shop nao because.. nothing interesting to buy heheh.

Thus this concludes the post!~ I shall post about me first shisha experience tmrw. 😀


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