My Virgin Night Cycling Experience!

Night cycling is fun but horrendously exhausting! My butt aches like no tmr and my whole body is so sore!

Met Emily & Shi Pei first at Bedok then bus-ed to Ryan’s place to meet him! Walked over to ECP and waited at McD for Ummar and as soon as he arrived, we went to rent the bikes. $15 for overnight cycling.

The journey was ardous. I never thought it’ll be this tiring but overall it was a fun experience!

We started of from ECP to Cosy Bay to Marina Square to Timbre to Marina Barrage then back to ECP.

cyc1Our destinations. Btw totally loving this photo collage thing. So convinient! Thx Ryan!

cyc3ShiPei, bike, Emily. 😀

Once we reached Marina Square, we’re all famished! Had Mcdonald’s for supper. NOM NOM! What’s 1000 indian men on a snow mountain? 😉 -rofl-

After that we went to Timbre to catch the live band performing. The band that performed  that night was really good. They don’t have the fake accent most local bands try to go for and it’s very natural. I like! Then there was one point where they were singing a song and  I didn’t know the title so I did what I usually do, note down part of the lyrics so I can google it. Turns out, Ryan was doing the same thing too. Hahah!

There was like alot of Duffy/Amy Winehouse criticism going on and at one point Emily was like, “Who would you rather do? Duffy or Amy?” LOL.


I saw the eskibar that people have been talking about last time. Looks cool! Both literally and uh.. whatever.

Saw lots of people going clubbing too. So many girls dressed skimpily. Tsk tsk..

Lots of water and coke consumed during our journey. The journey to Marina Barrage was quite far. I didn’t know its soooo far inside. We passed by alot of construction area and its quite scary leh. Everywhere got dust, construction and huge machinery!

Marina Barrage is interesting. We didn’t get to go up cos uh, we’re lazy and don’t have that much time? There’s like a lot of Mats there too, so irritating. So we just soaked our feet in the water and lazed around for a while before rushing back so that Ryan can go home. The cycle back was ouch. My butt was hurting too much so we kinda walked alot. When we reached ECP.. you can imagine our (or rather, me and Emily) happiness!

cyc4On our way to Marina Barrage and.. trees at MB. Ha.

Stoned at ECP McD for a while then parked our bikes and train-ed home. A good cold shower never felt so refreshing before! Ahh~


  djXpire wrote @

Lol… u can check out our weekly cycling routines at:

The last one we did was a round island 100KM, which is tough if you are cycling on a rented bike.

There are two girls on our cycling group now but they are ok with the distance. Let me tell you the truth behind cycling long distance:

“You can do it too”

Because those rented bikes are actually not meant for cycling for long distance trips. The moment you switched to a slightly above average bike for beginners, you’ll see that most of the time you do not require much effort to pedal on even roads.

Even on up-hills, you’ll feel tired but at least you wont have to get down to push the bike up… The difference is really huge on a better bike with better components on them.

Good luck to you if there are anymore night cycling meet ups with your friends! Enjoy… 🙂

  Jurlique wrote @

Yea..I have friends with high end bikes and they seem to be able to cycle really long distance without feeling any aches or whatever.

I don’t mind night cycling again if I can get a better bike 😉

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