Can You Keep A Secret?

Was going home after work when I saw a book fair at vivo! 20-50% off for the books so after contemplating between Dan Brown’s books.. I bought a Sophie Kinsella book. LOL I KNOW, totally 2 different genre lor.


So anyway, the book is called Can You Keep A Secret? thus, my entry title. The book looks interesting. Ever since I read Remember Me? also by the same author, I’ve been wanting to read more of her books 😀

Uh yea thats all! 😀

Edit @ 1:20am

I suddenly remembered that I wanted to do a shopping list for stuff.

  • Backpack. I saw a nike one but it’s sold already! So sad.
  • Laptop case
  • Prolly a new pair of sneakers. Maybe kappa or everlast? Or old skool converse?
  • Cat food
  • Trim + color my hair. I don’t know what colour though. Blue highlights will fade to green (eek!!) and red highlights abit common. Maybe I should just do my whole hair pinky red like last time. HAHAHA power sia. Missed that colour!

I can’t remember what else already. Only these are priority o.O



  TeddyBear wrote @

Hey, how are you? me no linky on your blog no more? *cries*

Haha. You gonna dye your hair pinky red?? Awesome. xD
I bought clip on hairpieces in purple. lol. scared to die, i mean, dye xD

Anyway, i saw somewhere that David Archuleta’s coming to SG soon and i thought of you. lmfao xD

  fajima wrote @

eh! i just realized ur not linked =.=

clip on hairpieces.. o.O like extensions ah?

& archie’s coming to sg?! cool~!

  TeddyBear wrote @

yup =P
getting real extensions done is too bought the clip ons cos its a lot less hassle, just clip em on and go whenever and wherever, hehe.

oh and Archie. he really is coming. im going with one of my friends and my cousin, lol xD

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