Oo yum yum

Went to Aston’s Specialties at The Cathay on Thursday with SP, Matt, Intan, Ger, Cindy and Ummar! The last time I saw them (except Intan) was a while ago.

So anyway, the food is err.. ok lor I guess. The xtra cut steak is yummy. Nice to have once in a while but I think my dad can make nicer steak at a cheaper price :p The portion of the onion rings was so pathetic! 5 pieces only. The meal + drink costed me $18.70. No pictures cos we sat outdoors and it’s dark. Warm. Nice ambience though.

Ate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after that. On the way home, it was raining heavily so we rotted at Starbugs to wait for the rain to stop which it didn’t so Cindy cabbed us to the nearest mrt 🙂

That was the end of a fun day.. because the next 4 days is work. 😦

At least I have RJA’s concert to look forward to! 3 more days! Yay!

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