To Hairloom & Caramel!

Finally after 9237849 years I got to meet Intan again! We went to this new cafe I read about in 8 days called Hairloom & Caramel (check out their website btw). Man the place is so pretty and quirky and unique! It’s at Shaw Towers, Level 1.


So colorful! Pretty! Oh it’s a salon too at the other side! Their cost quite ex. Trainee cut your hair costs $20. If I recall correctly, trainees at Pivot Point charge half that price :p


I love all the tables and chairs.. not one furniture is the same. The colours all are really cute! My kinda colours! The decoration also quite cool. The lighting is nice, theres little plants at each table and theres an old dressing table too. Got birdcage as well..

dscf0175And cat ornaments!

dscf0160Meow :3

Yea. So we were here for lunch. Their menu changes everyday! Full list of menu on their blogsite. I had the Thai Green Chicken Curry Pasta with complimentary lemongrass tea which doesn’t quite suit my pallatte. Intan had a Smoked Salmon Salad with some sauce I forgot.


Even the tea cups are cute and unique. LOL!


My really yummy pasta!!  Its really really good. The pasta is done al dente and the curry itself is spectacular! Nice and milky and the flavour is really there. I LOVE this pasta and it’s only $8.50!! Cheaper than pastacrapamania!!

Yes, I really hate Pastamania. Haha.


Intan’s Salmon Salad. Also for $8.50. There’s like LOADS of salmon in there. Fresh thick ones too! Yummy! I don’t like smoked salmon though but it’s still nice.

After that, desserts! I had the Chocolate Caramel and Intan had the Creme Brulee. $3.50 and $4.90 respectively.


MINE! Ok la it’s abit expensive for something so small. Nice to try once. Oh yea the plates and fork is cute.


Ze creme brulee! It’s creamy and sweet.. but also not worth the price. I can make this too. lol.

So that’s the end of the lunch time at Hairloom & Caramel..

Went to bugis street after that to shop shop! Nothing nice there though. Just bought a watch. Intan bought a bag and a skirt :O

Then went to Central at Clarke Quay to see the candy store. Expensive :/ Home after that! 😀


OH YEA! 1 more week to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ concert! Cannot wait!



  nurINTAN wrote @

i like how the tea cup pic.. my hand, phone and the yellow cup were in focus! XP

  fajima wrote @

i has mad skillz

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