I’ve been sick for 4 days now and I feel so miserable. Stupid high fever, flu, cough, muscle ache, runny nose then blocked nose, sore throat, eyeball pain, headache.. everything’s there. To make it worse, yeah fuck my period came too. What the hell. And I went to work ytd like that. No one notice, no one cared. Stupid supervisor also like dont give a fuck. I was leaning against the shelf because I’m tired and all she does is stare at me and warned me to stand up straight. Fuck. I hate the people there.. heartless people. The only one who’s being nice was William the new guy at the other counter. Thanks dude.

Besides this shitty sickness, I suck. I haven’t gone out to relax or enjoy myself at all this month. When I have work, people ask me out. When I don’t have work, ok got people ask me out also but I’m sick. Like last Sunday, my colleague’s wedding and Matthew’s birthday. Wanted to go but I wasn’t feeling good at all so I had to skip it. Then today when I’m supposed to go out with Intan.. haiz. Last minute thing crop up and here I am rotting at home feeling miserable and upset and angry. Just when I thought  I finally had time to go out.

Tmr I still have work and I dunno how am I gonna cope. I think if I died no one even cares.

I have this strange feeling that someone cursed me, seriously.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @)(#*$)(@#*$# whats wrong with me??????


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  Aysh wrote @

get well soooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

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