Baking Experiment: RAINBOW CAKE!

Totally inspired from Omnomicon.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like food coloring then don’t eat this cake, don’t bake it either. Don’t drink coke and your other soft drinks, stop eating m&ms and junk food and go be organic. I posted this experiment on a certain forum and got negative comments like, “oh looks poisonous!”, “all the chemicals!”

Pompous jerks. It’s not like you eat healthily either. I’m not eating this cake every night and I rarely eat cakes anyway. So yeah, lay off the food coloring comments. Get organic food dye if you want.

On to happier things!!

First of all, get the ingredients.

1 box Betty Crocker WHITE cake mix. Don’t get the angel cake mix. I accidentally bought that and well my cake didn’t turn out too well.. but still yummy nonetheless.
1 Whipping Cream
1 Vanilla Pudding mix. My friend says chocolate doesnt look good on the cake. Up to you.
Food coloring.


Ooo. I bought 2 of each cos the original recipe called for it.. but to be safe, I tried 1 box only. Thank god I did cos this stupid Angel Cake sucked real bad. Gonna use normal cake next time. So anyway..


Follow instructions on the box. Lol, mine looks like froth. Tasted weird and cherry-ish, since then I knew I chose the wrong cake -.- Good cake needs butter and eggs!


Once you’re done, divide the batter equally into 5 or 6 bowls. I did 5 because I only have 5 colours. It’s better if you use gel coloring but I couldn’t find it so I used the normal liquidy ones. Works fine!


Omigawsh. Aren’t they so pretty?? Looks like acrylic paint! Bold and.. so alluring! I felt like painting something with the batter.. @_@

Right. After that, spoon them into a baking tray or aluminium tray if you don’t have a baking tray. Becareful not to put too much into the tray cos it might over flow.


Yeah like that. Remember to grease the pan else it will be hard to remove the cake once you’re done. My mom wanted me to mix the colorful batter but it’ll end up ugly.. I think.


2 batches for 2 layers of cakey goodness. Bake them at 170C till the toothpick is dry and it’s firm to touch.

I had spare batter left so I put them into cupcake papers.


They’re so pretty, oh so pretty.

While the cakes are bakin’, make the frosting! Pour the pudding contents into a big bowl then add the cream. You might need more than 1 bottle so it becomes real creamy. Mine was half here half there. Whipping cream is expensive :/ Use vanilla so it’ll look nicer.. and you can dye it too. Hooray for more chemicals.


The ‘frosting’. I know, looks horrible.. but its quite nice on its own. Has that rubbery aftertaste though if you eat it on it’s own. Use normal milk for that.


I know.. I KNOW!!! It doesn’t look appetising at ALL. The colour failed. FAILED. What do you do? Slice of the top then. The inside is quite pretty. BOLD colours!


Slather some frost in between the cakes before you stack’em.


Frost on! Some said this looks awful, like sh*t on rainbows. Well. It looks pretty okay to me….


NOM NOM NOM TIMEEEEEEEEEE! 😀 OH I forgot the cupcakes! Here it goes!


It friggin sunk after a few minutes. -.- I hate angel cake. Cheap.. but spoiled the whole thing. /facepalm



  Pam wrote @

Thats a really nice idea! I will try that one day! So cute!!! And that gives me an idea!! I’ll make rainbow Vday cupcakes!! Thanks for the idea!!

  fajima wrote @

yeah! just remember to use normal cake mix instead of angel cake mix and everything wld turn out pretty!

  Photosophize wrote @

WOW! I never seem such a bold coloured cake before. You should have bake them like kueh lapis. It will looked so much cuter. Haha. I might want to try this one day, but will be mix my own cake batter instead of using packet one.

Great idea you have there!

  fajima wrote @

like kueh lapis? maybe.. i’ll try one day but dunno how leh. lol.

  greg wrote @

cool! , but the surface kinda rough huh?

  Aysh wrote @

for “kueh lapis” u need to layer the batter one at a time bake for 5 mins for each layer

  fajima wrote @

surface rough ya cos of the stupid wrong cake.

and i’ll try kueh lapis style one day but i dont tink it’ll look nice lol

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