Someone Tell Me Why Clubbing Is So Fun

Because I just don’t get it.

I don’t understand why people like to squeeze into noisy, crowded and smoky places.

I don’t understand why people want to spend so much on booze.

I don’t understand why the girls dress so skimpily and sluttish when they go clubbing.

I don’t understand why these people like to dance and let others bump and grind them.

I don’t understand why of all nice places, you choose to go clubbing, drink, become drunk and wasted, let people grope you..etc.

Can someone tell me what’s so fun about clubbing? 😀

Just a random thought.


  Lisalicious wrote @

because you can dance like a monkey in the dark and no one realised it is actually ugly ?

  fajima wrote @

hahaha.. well dancing is just not my thing i guess 😛

  Darran wrote @

Coz we can all go wild!

  Pam wrote @

I don’t get it either.

  monosan wrote @

dis is life.. my dear

  kriscell wrote @

I have no idea why it is fun too. Guess I am not really the clubbing type of guy bah.

  Jessen wrote @

I don’t understand either. I personally don’t like clubbing too and it’s a waste of money.

  fajima wrote @

Darran: Hahaha.. can’t picture myself going wild:p

Pam: Heh.

Monosan: Yep I know! Just a random thought

Kriscell: Haha me too.

Jessen: Ya I agree.. it’s a waste of money.. I think it could be used for other better stuff but hey whatever rocks people’s boats! 😀

  cornlord wrote @

CornLord <— ex-clubber self confession: coz u can do crazy stuff like chatting with pretty girls…which u dun really dare in any "normal" enivironment and can imagine u dance like a superstar when u are juz crap…

Feel high and vomit…hangovers the next day… Well, those are the wild young days…and admit i rather have 100 over bucks spend on a good meal…to think of it..

Hope my contribution is useful to u …fajima

  fajima wrote @

LOL.. I really cannot imagine myself dancing like crazy..

  TeddyBearTerrorism wrote @

your kitty is kyoooot XD ❤

i dont get it either.. why clubbing is the shiz for some people. oO

  fajima wrote @

ya i know right. kitteh so cuteeee

  kelly wrote @

You know what? I think you are very smart! There are just too many things about clubbing I don’t really like. For one, I am not into alcohol nor beer and you can’t really talk in a noisy environment. But it’s a good place to hang out if you wanna watch people vomit or flirt! lol

But those days the best part was, we got to go in for free because the owners recognise gals like us attract the guys (well, actually my best friend was a stunner and model).

I started going to night spots when I was only 13. My best friend always end up not wanting to go home (with me). Both our mums are always playing mahjong you see. (She is now twice divorced and 2 kids from previous marriage not living with her either.)

By 16, I stopped clubbing.

BTW, I am on Twitter too! Feel free to add me!

  fajima wrote @

Alcohol is just so-so to me.. I’ve tried a few and the only thing that I find nice is bailey’s lol but thats beside the point haha. And yesss I hate not being able to hear and communicate with my friends when the place is just so noisy! lol

And wah, 13?! When I was 13 I don’t even go out, let alone club! Hehehe.

  Aysh wrote @

i rather spend my time and money in crowded places for good rock stars or bands XD

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